Matte Not Flat

It's a total blogger cliche that we all want glowing skin and voluminous hair and I can't say that's a bad aesthetic to pine for. But the problem is with those glow-inducing products is that often they're not the longest lasting option that you can reach for and they can slide right off the skin but then powder can make you look a little flat and dull. However, there are a few options out there that can still be long lasting and set everything into place without making the skin look flat and sad and here are some of my favourites that I've discovered over the years.


CHARLOTTE TILBURY CHEEK 2 CHIC BLUSH*: A brand that is so well known and loved for pretty much all her products is Charlotte Tilbury and her blushers are particularly good. The pans contain two shades that you can either use separately or together to create a healthy flush of colour on the cheek. They're a very creamy soft powder which creates a delicate finish on the skin and is of course, incredibly easy to use. So often blush can be a little flattening on the skin which is ironic when their main purpose is to add life to the complexion. They are typically a little shimmery but I don't find them to be overbearing nor does the shimmer draw attention or sit in the pores.

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSHERS: I know that I harp on about these blushers like there is no tomorrow but they're such a good matte blush option and the formulation is superb. I find that blusher is either the first thing to disappear on my skin or the last thing standing and whenever I wear my Tarte blushers they stick around all day. Even though the formula is so long lasting they don't make the skin look lacklustre and they're just effortless. I find these are a great middle ground if you don't want a blush that isn't jam packed with glitter or shimmer but don't want something very matte and stark either.


BOURJOIS JAVA RICE POWDER: This little pot of illuminating powder was a blogger staple before we had the likes of Hourglass and it's still something I love. It was one of the first products that the brand ever released and they re-released it a few years ago back into the line permanently and if you want to dip your toe in the world of illuminating powders it's beautiful. It's got a twist mechanism that can help you distribute a small amount of powder so you're not wasting any product which is great way to package any loose powder product. You can use this all over the face or if you want to amp it up you can apply this as a stand alone highlight. The formulation is a tiny drying and is very much what I imagine and old fashioned powder to be like as it smells like it's from the 20's too. It's a great go to for an oily skin because it's a little drying but the illuminating aspect of it still gives the skin a healthy glow. 

MAC MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH IN LIGHTSCAPADE: If loose powder isn't you thing then this pressed powder from MAC might be a great option. It's the same formulation as the natural MSF's but the shade Lightscapade is a pearly transculent finish with a number of different shades running throughout it so it adds a soft focus glow to paler skins. I'm not sure how well this would work on deeper skin tones as it might be somewhat detectable but if you're pale then it's beautiful option. If you like to use a natural finish liquid foundation then this sits perfectly on the top of it. If you wanted to use this as a very natural highlight then you could but I find it to work best dusted or patted all over the skin. 


MAC MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH NATURAL: This was one of the first powders that I used and realised that not every setting powder out there was mattifying and drying. Whilst the shade range of these powders is a little disappointing [although I believe there are more in the line since I purchased it] it's a great product. It's finelly milled and can either be used as more of a powder base or used to set down a liquid foundation which is how I prefer to use it. Lightly patted in with a buffer brush you can achieve a flawless soft focus finish that wears comfortably throughout the day and as it doesn't contain talc it's not at all drying on the skin. Powders like this are always beautiful for taking out on the go for just cleaning up the skin I find as well as touch ups that you might require. 

BAREMINERALS BARE PRO FOUNDATION*: This a full powder foundation and when it was released it had a campaign about not being a cake face which is probably one of the best ways to get a beauty lovers attention. A full powder foundations is something that would terrify me usually as I'd worry about looking flat and dry but this is a complete dream. It feels so soft on the skin and even when my complexion has been lack lustre it never feels dry and tight when applied. It's formulated with a tonne of vitamins and even though it helps to keep shine at bay it allows your natural glow to peek through slightly and it has very much a natural finish on the skin. Personally I like to use this in combination with a tinted moisturiser that might be a little too glow inducing otherwise and the combination of the two gives a beautiful medium finish coverage on the complexion. 

RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION LOOSE POWDER: Loose powders are a pain especially when they don't have a twist to release mechanism but one that is truly worth the hassle is the Rimmel Match Perfection translucent powder. One thing I don't love about high street powders is that they can be very drying on the skin but this budget option is fantastic and it feels incredibly silky on the skin. It's not an option if you want extra coverage from your powder but if you just want something to set everything into place it's a wonderful budget buy. It does have a slightly pinky tone which is something that works well for my skin but it might not be for everybody. 

What are your favourite matte not flat beauty products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty