My Biggest Beauty Inspirations

Considering that I've been prattling on about beauty for over 5 years on this little corner of the internet. It seems strange that I've never shared the ladies who I take inspiration from when it comes to the makeup looks I go for and the women who inspire me about beauty in general. So here are 5 of my biggest beauty inspirations who never fail to give me a big dose of motivation. 


I think so many girls either sit in the Marilyn or the Audrey camp. Maybe it's because I'm a natural brunette that I've always been an Audrey girl but she's my all time favourite beauty idol. Even though when you look into the intricate details of her makeup aesthetic she did wear quite a lot of product but it never looked overpowering which is something I love. The wide doe eyed look is one that I try to work into every makeup look I create and it's probably what Audrey was best known for. Of course, hers was always accompanied by a classic cat eye flick which isn't something that suits me at all but that doesn't mean I can't admire it from afar. According to an online article, her makeup artist used to comb through her lashes with a pin to avoid clumps. I'm not sure I've quite got the guts or the patience to do that but when someone did test it out the results were pretty incredible.


The only blondie to make an appearance in this post but I couldn't not include LC. The Hills is still probably one of my all time favourite shows to watch, it's a total guilty pleasure and it will always make me want to buy a Chanel Classic Flap bag [in my dreams]. I would describe Lauren's beauty aesthetic as pretty classic, she never wears anything too garish or out there and always looks beautifully put together. Her Beauty book is one of my all time favourite reads as she breaks down complex jargon as well as talking about her own relationship with the beauty world so it's well worth a read. 


I'm not even sure if I can put the reasons why I adore Sali Hughes so much into a well-structured sentence. Not only is she an incredible beauty writer who talks about the topic in such a magical yet intelligent way but she just seems like an overall wonderful person. Through her journalism and her book Pretty Honest I've learnt so many incredible things that I would have been completely unaware of otherwise. She completely debunks the myth that to love beauty and makeup it instantly turns you into a vapid self-centered fool. Sali doesn't inspire me when it comes to beauty her complete demeanour is something I admire. 


Ah Lisa Eldridge, is she not the queen of makeup to many of us? It's not just her incredible second to none makeup skills which makes Lisa one of my biggest beauty idols. It's more the way that she works with makeup and her relationship with the products. And somehow she can apply some of the most unusual trends without them ever being too garish and overpowering. She's the MUA to some of the most famous people in the world and whatever look she creates it's always stunning. Not only is she an incredible makeup artist she's also been and still works as a creative director to some of the biggest beauty brands in the world like No7, Shiseido and Lancôme. 


I'm sure many people's who are my age would name their beauty idol as Alexa Chung. For me, it's not her classic cat eye that makes her an inspiration it's her general aesthetic that I think is absolutely beautiful. She's the champion of pulling off a laid back look that screams effortless but somehow well pulled together. Like I said, she's so well known for her classic winged flicks but personally, I always admire her skin. She never seems to layer on heavy powders or chisel away at her cheeks [because she doesn't need to] but her complexion always so fresh and beautiful. And of course, her hair how could I talk about AC and not mention her tresses? When I had a full fringe she was my biggest inspiration for the way I styled it and I still consider her the queen of full fringe. 

Who are your beauty inspirations?

R x

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