My Capsule Wardrobe Plans For 2019


Something that I’m interested in more than ever before is style, it used to be the other way around where I wasn’t all that interested in what I was wearing but cared so much about beauty. Now I’m happy to go makeup free but something I do care a little more about is the clothes I’m wearing, even if it is just for walking the dogs I like to feel my best. And my wardrobe is something I’m always trying to change around and declutter which lead me to the topic of this post. Most of you will know that I don’t care for the traditional rules of the capsule wardrobe but something I am very interested in is keeping my clothing collection to a minimum. And this is the year that I really want to hone in on that so here are my plans for my somewhat capsule wardrobe in 2019.

what my current wardrobe looks like

As we’re in A/W that means that my clothing rail is predominantly knitwear but as I am someone who lives in the UK things are more geared towards cooler weather opposed to a serious heat. Here is the current combination of what I’m working with;

  • 5 Breton’s.

  • 5 jumper dresses.

  • 3 sweatshirts.

  • 7 jumpers.

  • 2 pairs of jeans.

  • 2 pairs of leggings.

And that’s it! I’ve not included workout wear, sweatpants, outerwear, and shoes. My total amount of items are 24 which when I look at it now really isn’t a lot, as we don’t have wardrobes in our bedroom that has made me cut back a huge amount on things I’m not wearing but I do have a little bit of room for a few more pieces. Naturally, when the summer months do roll back around then I'll swap out my chunky knits, jeans, and jumper dresses for lighter pieces but I’m generally at the 24 item mark all year round.

What my plans are for my 2019 wardrobe

Although I’m generally happy with what I’ve got in my wardrobe already there are some areas where I’m generally lacking and areas I want to improve upon. However, my biggest aims when it comes to the clothing pieces I buy is to shop smart and as sustainability has been a seriously hot topic as of late with good reason it's something that is on my mind a lot. And whilst I know that I cannot feasibly always shop from eco-friendly brands there are other ways that I can make a change with what I’m doing. My current plans look a little something like this;

  1. Tidy up what I’ve already got (I’ve been watching that Marie Kondo series on Netflix, can you tell?) and make sure it’s things I’m really getting use of.

  2. And if not then get rid of things by either donating them to charity or selling them on.

  3. Keeping the pieces I do have in great condition and also trying to keep washing to a minimum if possible.

  4. Trying to make sure that I’m not buying multiples of the same item.

  5. Only purchase clothing that makes me feel good but also serves its purpose.

The things I want to add in

Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 16.48.21.png

olive elderflower embroidered dress

Smock dresses are something that I’ve really come to love over the past couple of years. Mostly because the thought of now wearing something tight is not appealing to me in the slightest. I cannot think of anything worse than something figure hugging and I’m all about comfort and I think smock dresses are the epitome of summertime comfort. And although this dress is more of an S/S piece it will be still something I can wear in the cooler months too with a pair of tights and loafers. Typically I’m not someone who loves patterned items, apart from stripes obviously but the little floral details are really sweet on this.


striped breton dress

I used to have a dress like this from Topshop and it was one of my most loved wardrobe pieces. Sadly it got ruined when I spilled some food down it and sadly I’ve never been able to find a suitable replacement. Wardrobe pieces like this are such a staple to me and something that I know I will wear a lot during the warmer months. Given that my all-time favourite wardrobe item is a striped Breton then it only seems right that a Breton dress is something I would want. Paired with either white Converse or tan sandals it's a simple but beautiful outfit.


petit bateau raincoat

A good raincoat is something that I’ve wanted for a long time as weirdly, they’re not the easiest thing to find. My outerwear collection is solid for the colder months but when it comes to the warmer months that tend to be a little drizzly then I do struggle with what to wear as often my Barbour can be a little too warm. This jacket from Petit Bateau is something that I’ve stood and gazed at for many years and I think this is the year that I’ll finally purchase it. I like the simple style of raincoats like this as they can be paired with pretty much everything else in my wardrobe that I might need when it's raining.

Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 18.07.52.png

whistles sweatshirt

The cult classic Whistles sweatshirts are loved by many and it’s not hard to understand why. I already own one (a brilliant John Lewis sale find) and they truly are a wonderful wardrobe piece. They wash beautifully and they’re a great throw on piece that goes with pretty much everything else on my rail. They’re pricey, at nearly £100 it’s a lot of money for a simple sweatshirt but as I’ve had my other sweatshirt from the brand for so long and it’s still as good as new I know it's somewhat worth the money. And I love that the slogans are enough to make a statement but not so much that they’re too bold and lose their edge a few months in.


are you a fan of a capule-esq wardrobe?

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