My Favourite Beauty Products To Reach For When I Need A Pick Me Up


After Christmas Day is over and done with I always find myself in a little bit of a slump. I'm never quite sure what to do with myself but one thing I always like to do is apply my favourite products and this is something I always try to do whenever I feel a little bit down in the dumps. Some people might deem it a little silly but applying my most loved items is such a precious part of my day to day routine and something that I truly savour. So here are the beauty products that I always like to reach for when I'm in need of a pick me up. 


Doing my skincare routine is something that I love doing but it's also something that my skin relies on to help it stay as clear from breakouts as it possibly can. Once my skin is properly cleansed, moisturised and prepped I then move onto any base products I've chosen to apply. No matter what type of makeup look I'm going for I always apply a primer first as I find it helps create almost a barrier between my skin and the foundation. As well as creating more of an even finish and prolonging wear time of any products that are applied after. My all time favourites to reach for the are Clarins Perfecting Touch Primer* and the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. The Clarins is perfect when I need to create a balanced canvas as it hydrates the areas that need it and keep the more oily patches at bay. The Too Faced option adds light and life to skin when it's in dire need of it without causing the oil to get out of control. 

Then is the star of the show when it comes to my skin, is always the foundation. Even though I've tried and used many lightweight bases and enjoyed them I think I will always feel more comfortable with something that's medium to high coverage. I love having a flawless base and having struggled with my skin I have left over scarring so I feel more comfortable when it's covered.  From the more affordable options, I've always loved Rimmel's Match Perfection. It's such a beautiful base as it's hydrating enough to work on parched skin but it doesn't slide away from oily complexions either. The only downside is the lasting power isn't incredible but primer and powder do help a lot. For high-end options, I adore the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation, Clinique Even Better Foundation and the newly released Beauty Pie Great Skin Foundation*. All of these bases perfect my skin beautifully without drawing attention to dry patches and wear so well throughout the day so I don't have to worry about touching them up at all. 


Do I even need to say what I love to apply to my eyes? I'm guessing not. My love for champagne glitter is a well-known fact around here so I'll spare you the details. I forgo multiple shadows and liner but I layer on the mascara like there is no tomorrow. I love to have big beautiful fluttery lashes and the bigger the better IMO. Obviously, I try to keep this within reason and try to keep clumps to a minimum although I don't mind slightly clumpy lashes. Typically I always go to the high street for my mascara as I find you can get products that are just as good for half of the price that you'd pay for anything high end. The Maybelline Lash Sensational is still by far my favourite and best I've ever found for the price. 

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Bronzer has never been my thing but blusher is my makeup jam. Alongside nail polish, it's probably my favourite beauty product to buy as there are so many beautiful shades to choose from as well as so dreamy formulations. Over the years I've gone through several stages of what kind of shade I love when it comes to blusher and as of right now I'm in a committed love affair with anything that's brown toned, rosy and dusky. So shades like Nars Douceur [insert crying face here that it's been discontinued] and Tarte Exposed are something I use on a weekly basis. They add definition as well as a hint of colour to the cheek which I really rely on as otherwise, I look completely deadpan. As well as a good blusher I'm also a big fan of highlighter, now I tend not to go too overboard as let's be honest when you have oily skin you produce your own beautiful highlight [otherwise known as oil]. But pretty powders and creams are what I love to reach for, especially when I'm looking very sad and lack lustre as having a perfectly highlighted cheek instantly puts a smile on my face. 


I'm not too much of a lipstick wearer but I can't deny the power of a good hydrating satin formulation or a tinted balm. Much like my blusher tastes I love to go for something that's slightly brown toned and rosy. There are shades like deep plums and burgundies that I love to reach for when I want to make a little more of a statement but day to day I do find them to be a little bit of a hassle. So something that's minimal but not so low key you can barely detect it is what I like to go for and I also love anything that can help create a fuller looking lip shape too. Of course, the Fresh Sugar Balms are a firm favourite of mine as well as the Revlon Matte Balms


Even if I don't bother to apply any makeup and just do my skincare routine I will always reach for a perfume. Nothing else about me could be done or perfected in any way but spritzing on my favourite fragrance instantly elevates my mood. And even though I absolutely adore high-end fragrances from Jo Malone and Acqua Di Parma I'm by no means a fragrance snob. One of my all time favourite scents comes from Yardley and then I adore other more affordable fragrance like Paco Rabanne and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

What are your favourite instant pick me up products?

R x

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