My Favourite Brush & Beauty Pairings

Do you ever start applying a product with a certain brush and just think wow, this is a beauty match made in heaven? There have been a few pinnacle moments like that in my beauty routine and I thought I would share a few of my favourite matches with you today. 

LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION & THE REAL TECHNIQUES EXPERT FACE BRUSH: I find a good base brush can be hard to find. They are either too dense that they are completely impossible to use and blend in the product or they are too fluffy and just suck up everything so there is nothing left on your skin. The LM Silk Creme is like its name suggests a thicker base so requires a good brush for a seamless application and in combination with the RT brush you can achieve a flawless base within seconds. The shape of the brush makes it super easy to get coverage in all the hard to reach areas and blend in all of the product instead of it just sitting on top of the skin. 

ZOEVA FACE SHAPE BRUSH & RIMMEL WAKE ME UP CONCEALER: Something I've always struggled with applying is concealer. Then the Zoeva Face Shape Brush came along and it was a complete game changer. It's the baby sister of the Zoeva Silk Finish Brush and if you've used that brush you will know that what sort of wonders it can work within seconds. The brush is beautiful for any type of concealer you use, it blends everything in within seconds and is a complete lazy girl saviour. Even though it's a larger shape it can still reach the delicate contours of eye. 

REAL TECHNIQUES STIPPLING BRUSH & STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR: Even though blush is my favourite beauty product to buy and apply, finding the right brush for the job is tricky. The Real Techniques Stippling Brush isn't geared towards this use, but it's the best I've ever found for picking up product and blending it in without disturbing your base underneath. This brush is perfect for powders, but it outdoes itself when used with a cream blush like the Stila Convertible Colours. I can imagine it would also work perfectly with cream or powder bronzers too. 


ZOEVA 227 LUXE SOFT DEFINER & MAC EYESHADOWS: Applying eyeshadow well is not a skill that I possess. I'd always heard great things about the MAC 217 and how it was the foolproof brush for applying any eye look. Fast forward a few years and the Zoeva dupe came into my life and everything I'd heard about this style of brush was true. It picks up product even with cheap shadows that tend to be harder to work with and makes blending an absolute breeze. 

REAL TECHNIQUES BUFFING BRUSH & RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION POWDER: When you typically think of a powder brush they are normally big and fluffy but unless you are working with a pressed powder they are a recipe for disaster. Using a slightly more dense brush, it picks up loose powder and it actually stays on the brush instead of it all falling down onto you. It also aids application more as you can buff the powder into the skin instead of simply brushing it over the face so therefore creating a longer lasting base. 

What are your favourite brush and beauty pairings?

R x

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