My Greatest Unexpected Beauty Loves

There are a million and one amazing feelings when it comes to beauty products. But perhaps one of the greatest has to be when a product takes you by surprise and becomes something that you use on a daily basis and here are few items that have done that to me. 

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SJP LOVELY SHEER PERFUME*: Celebrity perfumes aren't something that I've had much interest since the days of Britney Spears Curious. It's probably down to the fact that SJP fragrances are packaged so nicely that made me think they could be different. And even though I'm not an advocate of judging something by its cover in this instance it was a good thing. Whilst I like the original Sheer fragrance I have even more of a soft spot for Lovely Sheer. It's incredibly floral [gardenia] but it's not at all overpowering. I'm wary to say it's a perfume as it doesn't have the most amazing staying power and seems like something that's more of a mist to me. But either way, it's a beautiful scent and it does have great staying power on clothes which is a plus. 

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE GROOMING CREME: As well as my hair lacking in volume another issue I have is static. And it's one of those things that just happens every so often and there are very few products that help calm it and this is one of them. It's not something that I would have ever thought I would have liked but it's perfect for calming and soothing unruly ends. It's described as a hair moisturiser which is probably one of the easiest ways to explain what this does for your tresses without rambling for paragraphs. 

SOAP & GLORY ARCHERY BROW PUTTY*: Brow putty is something that on the surface sounds terrible to me. I'm not a fan of strong brows, I like to leave them quite natural and fluffy. The name of this product is completely wrong as it's much more like an eyeshadow and it looks incredibly natural throughout the brows although it can be built up to a more intense look. The way that this product is packaged is what really makes it stand out. As it's got a brush on one end and then the 'putty' in a small pot on the other. Making is super easy to not apply but to travel with as well, if it had a spoolie it really would be the perfect brow product. 

H&M ROSE UMBER NAIL POLISH: When a nail polish costs £4 I think it's fair to say that you're not expecting the best quality in the world. But the H&M polishes completely go against the cheap = crap stereotype. They're incredible, they're long lasting, the formulation is great and the wide brush makes them a breeze to apply. I'm not sure anything will quite overtake my love for Essie polishes but I adore these polishes and there is such a pretty shade range to choose from. 

NAILS INC NAILKALE POLISHES*: From the really affordable to the ridiculously priced. For a long time I've not seen eye to eye with Nails Inc polishes at all despite them being so well loved in the beauty world they didn't stay on my nails for more than 12 hours. However the newly launched Nails Inc Nailkale polishes are wonderful, the formulation and brush are much superior to the original for me. Of course, I'm not advocating spending the best part of £20 on one single nail colour but if you want to treat yourself or give someone a lovely beauty gift they are lovely. Also if you frequent the beauty section of T K Maxx you can often find them heavily discounted. 

PIXI BEAUTY BLUSH DUO*: Personally, I would say this is much more a bronzer than a blush but either way it's a dreamy cheek product. The shade Honey Love is the perfect mix of peach and a classic champagne shade and together they give the prettiest glow to the cheek. Being a pale girl peach isn't usually something that suits me that much but this looks incredibly flattering as it's more pink than orange in tone. The formulation is buttery soft, smooth and the lasting power is surprisingly good, it even stood the heat of the summer. 

EBORIAN CC CREME*: The whole alphabet cream thing isn't something that's ever tickled my fickle when it comes to foundation fancy. But this product from Korean brand Eborian is different. It's a hybrid product as it's skincare and makeup all rolled into one. It contains beads of pigment that burst upon application to match your skin tone and even though it's never going to be exact it still comes pretty close. As well as adding coverage and helping cover up any imperfections in the skin it's incredible for creating a radiant base which can either be worn alone or underneath another base. It's incredibly expensive for a base product but if you're not a lover of foundation and prefer something lighter than this is a wonderful option. 

PERRICONE MD NO LIPGLOSS LIPGLOSS: The clue is in the name of this product. I don't like anything remotely close to lipgloss, if something is going to get stuck in my hair then there is no chance I'm going to bother with it. This isn't like your typical gloss [hence the name] it's much more like a liquid lipstick in its formulation. It deposits a pretty subtle rosy shade to the lips and smoothes over any imperfection or dry patches. It's not sticky or tacky and can be blotted down to more of a matte finish. Even though it's lightweight in consistency it doesn't just disappear on the lips and wears evenly throughout the day and is easy to touch up if required. It's a real shame that they don't offer more than one shade as the formulation is so lovely. 

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What are your favourite unexpected beauty loves?

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