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There have been a few products that I've been testing out in the past month or so. That have been so noteworthy they deserved their own post. It's rare that I put posts like this together but I'm excited to share them with you today. 

CAUDALIE MAKEUP REMOVING CLEANSING OIL*: I spoke about my new found love for cleansing oils in my last skincare post. This somewhat new release from french pharmacy brand Caudalie is beautiful. And I promise my love for it isn't based on the fact it smells exactly like a cherry Bakewell. It's quite thick in consistency which I was initially worried about it. In case, it made my skin feel super greasy but it just leaves the complexion beautifully nourished. It removes makeup with ease, even stubborn mascara comes away without pulling and tugging at your delicate eyes. Even on the days that I've not been wearing makeup I've been using this as a general cleanser and it's been working beautifully. 

CLARINS MULTI-ACTIVE JOUR*: This new moisturiser duo from Clarins had me excited based on the packaging alone. It's been a long time since I've used a separate day and night cream but I'm a convert to this set. It aims to combat the stress the effect everyday life has on our skin and target fine lines. At 25 fine lines aren't a serious worry to me. But prevention is better than cure in my mind. It's brought so much radiance back to my skin without making my complexion feel at all greasy. Although it has some truly beautiful benefits to it. The way that this makes my skin feel in general is what makes this product noteworthy. It's such a joy to use and it sinks in quickly which is key for a good day time moisturiser. 

CLARINS MULTI-ACTIVE NUIT*: The night cream still offers, all the same, amazing benefits as the day cream. But it's just a little more nourishing on the skin. It feels like an old traditional moisturiser, thick and buttery. Even though it's so rich in consistency it doesn't feel overwhelming. When your skin is feeling stressed and tired it can become pretty uncomfortable. This is a big comfort to a sore complexion. Especially if you're struggling from a bad breakout or you're run down. Things immediately feel more soothed and consoled. 

FRANK ORIGINAL BODY SCRUB*: We've probably all seen those picture on Instagram of the girls who have made a real mess in their shower with the Frank scrub. I was pretty skeptical when it came to trying it, just how good would it be? Was it worth the mess? When I used this I don't think I've ever felt my skin feel so beautiful, I was glowing which on my pasty milk bottle body can be difficult to achieve. It's pretty messy to use but well worth it for the amazing skin benefits. I'd always been pretty happy with Soap & Glory exfoliants but now I'm a complete convert to this. 

FRANK BODY BALM*: This body balm from Frank isn't a moisturiser I would use on a daily basis. It's incredibly thick, it reminds me a lot of the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream but for your body. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth but you can definitely feel it. If you were going out and flashing some flesh then it would be perfect to use because of how much it makes your limbs glow but for underneath clothing it's not suitable. As a once a week treat it gets rid of those winter scales that have gathered around knees and elbows with ease. 

What is your favourite beauty product of the moment?

R x

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