Old Beauty Favourites That I've Not Reached For In Way Too Long


Whilst I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to my beauty stash something else I'm pretty terrible for is forgetting about things that I've used and loved once a new favourite comes along. And I think when you're a beauty lover you'll know what it's like when you look into your makeup stash and think 'wow, I haven't used this in a while even though I love it'. And when clearing out my beauty stash a few days ago I had this exact thought so here are the beauty favourites that I've not reached for in far too long.



When I first started trying this I was a little skeptical. I'd had enough of the whole CC cream thing, to be honest as at the time it was really overdone. But this is a truly fantastic base, it's so perfecting and beautiful on the skin and for something so light it covers beautifully. What the Eborian CC Creme promises is that it's a high definition radiance face perfecting cream and that's exactly what it is. It's a white cream that once you apply to the skin the balls of pigment burst and adjust to your skin. Meaning it's never going to be a perfect match which is a shame as this could work as a base for so many who don't love heavy products. It's without a doubt the best tinted moisturiser/CC creme product that I've ever used and I love it either worn alone or underneath a lighter base just for the first layer of perfection. It's rare that I think something that isn't a proper base is worth the money but this product really is.


I can still remember how excited I was when the Sweet Peach collection from Too Faced was released because it was such a beautiful set of products. And something that I really loved was the lip oils, a lip oil gloss hybrid that not only deposits a pretty wash of colour but also nourishes the lips too with ingredients like peach oil, coconut oil and vitamin E. I'm not typically a gloss girl at all as I find them a complete hassle but I absolutely adored this one, it felt so kind and nourishing the lips but it didn't just come off instantly. And this is one of the only peach shades that really suits my fair complexion as usually, it's a shade that looks terrible on me.


When I first got into the world of primers this was one of the first products that I used and really fell in love with. And five years later it's still a product that I absolutely adore and I thought I'd used up this little sample pot but there is still so much left [you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered this]. I've spoken about this product so many times but it's a balancing primer, it keeps oily patches at bay and then hydrates any areas that might be lacking in moisture. It creates such a smooth beautiful base and an even canvas even when you're tackling stubborn blemishes. And even though it is so smoothing it doesn't feel heavy or laden with silicones which can often be the case with primers like this. 



I've been really into the Tartlette in Bloom palette and my custom MAC palette lately which is why I've rarely reached for anything else in my collection. But a palette that I absolutely adored in 2016 was the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette and what I love about this compared the original is that it's a little cooler in tone. Which is definitely something I prefer when it comes to eyeshadow as something too warm just doesn't sit well on my complexion. The quality of the TF shadows is absolutely superb and something I'd suggest anybody check out, they're buttery soft and easy to blend but they don't fall down or fade away on the lid. Palettes are an investment for sure so it's always best to make sure that you can use the majority of the shades, not just one or two. Oh, and by the way, it smells like chocolate which is an added bonus in itself.



In general, I'm really awful when it comes to wearing lipstick. And I don't know why because they're always a product that I fawn over but I rarely find myself wearing it that much. The Clinique Colour Pops are a product that came into my life a couple of years ago when I worked on a campaign with them and they're a lipstick I've thoroughly enjoyed using. What makes them different to most lip options out there is that they have a built-in primer so they create a smooth even base as well as depositing pigment at the same time. They have a creamy finish that lasts a good while considering how soft they feel on the lips as I'm not about that matte lip life. They sit at a good price point too as often I find lipstick from more high-end brands can be a little overpriced.


My boyfriend picked this up for me in the states a couple of years ago and it's an eyeshadow that I really know I can depend on for staying put all day. I even wore this during a medical procedure which I cried my way through and it stayed put. And if that isn't a testament to a products staying power then I don't know what is which makes it even more upsetting that I believe this exact product has been discontinued It's a matte powder blush which doesn't sound all that exciting but it's so fantastic for staying put and not creasing at all. If you are just a single shadow kind of girl and can still get your hands on this from somewhere I highly recommend it.


If I'm completely honest I'm not all that crazy about Charlotte Tilbury. Yes, the packaging is absolutely beautiful as is the shade range and the formulations but I don't know there is just something about the brand that I'm not completely taken with. Anyway, one product that I really do love is the Chic To Cheek blushers and on the surface you wouldn't think they were my thing as they're pretty bright but there is just something about them that I absolutely adore. I have the shade Ecstasy which is quite a bright pink, not usually my thing but a tiny amount swept across the cheeks gives such a healthy flush of colour to the complexion. And even though it is a powder blush it's very soft and buttery and the glitter doesn't just sit in the pores either which is a real big bugbear of mine.



Another CT product and this time in the form of a stick eyeshadow. I'm not sure if I've left it a little too long with this product as when swatching it a little while ago it did feel quite dry but it could probably just do with a sharpen, well I hope. Anyway, what I love about these shadow sticks is that they're so, so easy to use. It's just one simple swipe across the lid and then blended in with a brush or your finger and you're good to go all day. I have the shade Champagne Diamonds which is such a beautiful shimmer and whenever I want to make a little more of a statement with my lids this is what I reach for.



This was my go-to powder for a long time as it's so pale that it suited my fair complexion beautifully as well as adding luminosity. And I can't deny the fact that apparently Hayley Williams uses this religiously on her skin, or did at the time which made me love it even more. It's one of their original mineralise skin finishes and I believe it was initially bought out as a limited edition piece but now it's part of the permanent line. The MSF's are such popular products from MAC and it's not hard to understand why, they're such beautiful powders, so finely milled and not filled with talc so they don't feel at all drying or tight on the complexion. If you're after a powder to use that can illuminate and add radiance to the skin as well as set your makeup down into place this is your guy. Of course, it will only work if you're pretty fair and be aware each product does look a little different because they're marbleised. 


  • Invest in a spot cleaner to be able to change your products out without constantly washing your brushes.
  • Donate anything you're not using.
  • Experiment with different eyeshadow combinations. 
  • Explore different uses for products. 
  • Rotate your base products weekly.
  • Try wearing a new lipstick everyday. 
  • Move all the products that really need using up to the front of your collection.
  • Get rid of anything that is out of date. 

What old favourites do you have that you've not used in a while?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty