Coconut milk: Hair serum

This post has been in my drafts for a while so I better get cracking. This product is the Organix nourishing coconut milk, anti breakage system. Now it sounds very promising doesn't it? Wrong! I really hate it write a bad review but I have to be honest. First of all I bought this is in an offer with the Moroccan argan oil shampoo (which I really like) but on its own it would have been around £7 which is cheap for the amount you get but not for the product quality. First thing was that this didn't actually stop my hair from breaking at all whenever I straighten my hair about 4-5 little hairs come off which isn't bad I know but still I wanted it to stop completely when it shouldn't really happen in the first place. The one thing that I really do like about this product is the smell, so delicious but the smells doesn't deter me from being annoyed that it made my hair so greasy even though I was applying the tiniest about because obviously my hair is not too long at all. My hair works really well with other oils however 'serums' tend to make my hair greasy both this and one of the Aussie ones has done exactly the same. So disappointed as I would have loved for it to work. Another little gripe is that the lid actually snapped of within the second use. So me and have this product obviously were just not meant to be.
What products have let you down?
Love Rebecca XO 
Rebecca Warriner