Whats in my bag?

 So to get myself back into the swing of blogging after my little dissertation hiatus I thought I would do something that I have wanted to do for a while now. The whats in my bag tag is something that is really popular in the beauty world. I personally love to read them I find it so interesting to know what things people carry around with them daily. Now first of my daily bag of choice is the ever so popular ALDO Cyphert bag in black. Now I am gonna have a slight gripe about this bag it can only carry a certain amount of items before it just snaps open which has been the bain of my life recently. Now onto the actual contents, I think I actually carry around a decent amount; first up is my beloved purse, keys, Soft lips lip balm, pink parker fountain pen, MUA sugar lips: lip balm, Soap & Glory hand food, Soap & Glory hand maid. I know I dont really need two lip balms in there but they have different purposes. Now onto the next pictures, Mac lipstick in 'Hue', Iphone 4s, Ipad, Ipod, No7 mirror and finally my ever so precious Moleskine diary. All of these things are generally what I need for uni as I take notes on my Ipad and if I am bored I tend to start writing to do lists in my diary. There are generally a lot of things I do tend to throw in my bag if I am going further than uni or into town but I don't really need a lot.
So I hope that I was interesting, I am so glad to be blogging again I really missed it when I was writing my dissertation and I have lots of posts to go up.
So what do you carry around in your bag? I'd love to know.
Love Rebecca XO
p.s I know you may not be able to tell how sharp these images are but I used Sams fancy camera to take a lot of images for the blog today by the way its a Canon 5d MKii so seriously high quality.