The Liz Earle Essentials

A couple of weeks  ago I popped to John Lewis and picked up the Liz Earle essentials kit which I think is a complete bargain at the £40 mark. This kit contains a 200ml bottle of the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, 50ml Skin Repair Light Moisturiser for Combination/Oily skin, 100ml Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser this of course came with 2 muslin clothes and the set also came with 2 sample sizes of the Botanical body wash and body cream which I actually haven't tried yet but I think they are perfect for travelling. The kit also came with a little travel bag including a mirror which I think is a beautiful touch. 
I decided to switch all my skincare to Liz Earle because my skin was in a dire state and I needed to get it back to normal. I already use the cleanse and polish and I am a huge fan of it (review here). I think the cleanser is absolutely perfect it doesn't make my skin red at all and I feel that it really clean after using it and the bottle that I actually got as a gift I still haven't finished so it lasts a long time. I only use this once a day in the morning as I shower at night and use a Lush cleanser which I also love and the 2 work well in conjunction with each other. 
After I have used the cleanser either the Lush or Liz Earle I follow without fail the instant skin boost tonic which I think is the most soothing toner. As it doesn't contain alcohol it is extremely soothing to the skin and I think it has definitely boosted my skin tone and made me look a lot more radient than before. 
The last step that I do is use the moisturiser and I find that this actually quite slippy on my face so I only use this at night so it really sinks into my skin. I love the texture of this moisturiser it glides on so effortlessly although it takes a while to really sink in when it does my skin is left feels so smooth.
Overall I dont think I could be happier with this set it has benefited my skin so much, the pores on my nose are dramatically reduced and the redness has completely gone. My chin which is my absolute problem area which I am still suffering with a couple of spots on but the patch of scarring is no where near as bad it was and it is all down to the routine I am currently using so I am so pleased. Also my general complexion has improved dramatically my skin texture is definitely smoother and my colouring has been boosted and I no longer look so sallow, I look much more brighter I find. I would recommend Liz Earle to anybody as it has helped my skin so much and its so lovely and gentle on troubled skin. 
Whats your favourite Liz Earle product?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty