L'Oreal Rouge Caresse

The beauty world seems to be a lipstick/balm frenzy at the moment. As everyone finally got their hands on the ever so awaited Revlon lip butters L'oreal came out with the Rouge Caresse. Now I only own one of the lip butters in the shade Berry Smoothie which I love its a really nice day to day colour but its only the lip butter than I found I would actually wear all the rest of them were just a bit well 'meh' to put it bluntly. I love the shade of the rouge caresse's I find that they could all easily be worn day to day and the two shades I picked up are lovely rose and tempting lilac. Out of the two I would say my favourite is tempting lilac it just such a pretty shade, think your lips but better. They have a lovely creamy consistency and go on to the lips smoothly, they have a slightly glossy finish. Now the downside is that they don't last to long on the lips but that was to expected as they are a mixture between a balm and a lipstick.
So what do you prefer the rouge caresse's or the lip butters?