Hard as nails?

So around Christmas time I was having such a problem with my nails flaking and generally being in a terrible state. As my nails were in such poor condition this meant that no matter what top coat I use my nail varnish would chip within a matter of hours. Before I got really into beauty I suppose I was always into nail polish and that was the one thing I always really enjoyed to do. Anyway enough rambling I kept on seeing the OPI nail envy popping up on so many of my favourite blogs and I instantly wanted to sort out my very distressed nails, I actually told my housemate about this before I picked it up myself and she loved it. So long story short I finally picked this up around 2 months ago now and I have used it as a base coat every time I have painted my nails and it is an amazing product even as a base coat is has really helped my nails and they feel so strong now and my flaky nails are long gone.

It really does live up to all the hype and I actually picked this up from eBay for around £10 I believe but I really do think I would pick it up for the original retail price which is £18. I can see this lasting me an absolute age as well as I have barely made a dent in it and I use it around 4 times a week without fail.
So have you tried nail envy? What do you think?