Whats in my bag? #2

So I did a whats in my bag quite a while ago now and the amount of things that I carry around has dramatically reduced so I thought I would show you all!

First of all my bag of choice is now the Zara rose gold messenger bag that everybody and their mother has, I really wanted to pick up another one because I love this bag so much but it had sold out in the sale before I got the chance. As you can see I like to carry around everything around in a pretty organised way. I use a little Liz Earle pouch to pop in all the little bits that would be otherwise be floating about. A pretty standard selection of things here like hand sanitizer, hand cream, iPod nano, comb, lipstick, lip balm, tissues and a compact mirror. I rotate these things quite often but its really handy to have it in this little pouch as when I switch around my handbags I just move it around instead of fishing around in my handbag. Next is my purse and I don't think that I have showed this on my blog before. Its from Ted Baker and its there kinda standard long purse but what I absolutely love is that is has a rose gold sausage dog ont top, oww so cute! Final thing is my sunglasses and my glasses, I am very lucky to own two pairs of Rayban's. 

So thats what is in my bag, whats in yours?