Purity cleanser £8

I picked this up in duty free and I have been using it ever since. I know a while ago this was really popular but I just didn't give into the hype. Its pretty ironic thats it called Purity as its doesn't contain the best ingredients but I find that it works really with my skin. Similar to the Liz Earle C&P I find that it cleanses my skin without aggravating it or breaking me out. It also leaves my skin fresh and clean without stripping it of any natural oils which I find some cleansers can do.

I think this would work really well with a Clarisonic as it creates a lovely creamy texture ones rubbed into the skin. Although it is quite pricey I think when I run out of this small bottle I will pick up maybe the larger size because I am just really impressed with it. Although I do try and use natural products I think I can allow myself one sneeky not so natural product if it works for me.
I am really interested in more things from Philosophy but I just need to get over the price first.
Have you tried this cleanser? Let me know :) 
Rebecca Warriner