The Bold Lip

Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick 107 £5.49

The seasons have changed and so have my tastes. A year ago you would not have caught me in a bold lip no matter how hard you tried or how much wine you gave me. But things have changed and I have left my pinky nudes behind and been going for a more appropriate shade for the weather. There was a huge hype around this new release from Rimmel and especially this shade and with good reason, its stunning! The shade 107 and its from the new Kate Moss matte lipsticks which were released not too long ago. 

The colour is a vampy dark red with hints of berry which is extremely flattering against my fair skin. I am not the biggest fan of a matte lip but this is perfect and wears well, having only worn it out once though I dont feel like I have given it a fair trial. However when I did wear it out which was to walk my dog (getting a little too glam for a dog walk I know) but it lasted a good 4 hours and then left a beautiful stain on my lips which latest for the rest of the day. The only issue I do have is that it stains like nothing else so make sure you have a make up wipe on hand otherwise you can start to re-semble a crazy lady.
So thats it from me, are you fan of these shades?
Rebecca Warriner