A Make Up Brush Love Affair

Before I even start writing this post its going to be pretty clear what brushes I use the most...Yep you guessed it Real Techniques. The stippling brush was the first RT to come into my life and it was love since then, I was using a lot of ELF brushes and I stil do really like those brushes but the quality of the RT brushes is just fantastic and unbeatable in my eyes.

So currently in my everyday rotation I am using the powder brush, blush brush, buffing brush, contour brush, deluxe crease brush, eyeliner brush and detailer brush. They all have there different needs and uses and some of them I dont reach for on an everyday basis like the detailer brush and the contour brush as my everyday make up just doesn't need it. I have found that the brushes can be used for so many things which makes them great as you don't have to buy about 6 different brushes when you can have one brush that is suitable for many things. My favourite brush would probably have to be the buffing brush just because how quickly it blends in my foundation without taking 15 minutes carefully stippling away. Another brush I love is the powder brush and this brush for one is absolutely huge but again this just makes things so quick and easy in a morning.

The Real Technique brushes are available in most Boots which make them very easy accesible and get your Boots points so thats always an advantage. I suppose what drew me to the brushes the most is the fact they are cruelty free and use synthetic hair so not only are no animals harmed it makes them incredibly easy to wash and they retain there shape extremely well and I have not had any shedding.

There area few other brushes that I use but literally only a few. So there is a brush groomer from Sally Hansen, ELF eyeshadow brush and a No7 eyeshadow brush. Nothing I am too fussed about but I do really like the brow groomer to just give me some definition in my brows which makes filling them in and maintaining them very easy. The No7 brush is one I really do like for creating some definition in my crease and it is extremely soft so maybe one to pick up when the vouchers are on offer. 

So there are my favourite brushes. Let me know what yours are or if you like the RT brushes too! 
Rebecca Warriner