Handbag Essentials #1 The Beauty Edition

As a girl I carry a plethora of items around with me daily in my bag so I thought it would be interesting to see what beauty essentials I carry around. Within my huge bag I carry around I have lots of little pouches in there consisting of different things and these are the items that fit into my beauty category.  

First up is a basic which is hand sanitizer this is just an absolute staple for me as I am constantly cleaning my hands due to my job. Then to make sure I dont dry out my hands I always have a hand cream and my current cream of choice is the L'Occitane mango hand cream that was a freebie in Marie Claire. I do really like this so I may actually purchase one when this runs out but another favourite is the Soap & Glory hand food. Next is a lip balm of course, now were in the colder months this a big staple and this little number from Balmi hasn't left my bag since I picked it up a couple of months ago so when it runs out I will definitely pick up another one. I actually have a couple of nails bit in here with a crystal nail file for obvious reasons and then the Essie cuticle oil as I find they have been very dry recently so a quick dab on this onto them sorts them out in no time. The last remaining bits are a comb, mirror, mini perfume sample and a lint roller. The lint roller is probably the best thing in my bag for two reasons; I have a white dog and a wool coat and wear black all the time. 

So thats it for my handbag beauty essentials! The odd lipstick gets chucked in there from time to time also but nothing else really changes. 
Rebecca Warriner