Oh Essie you have done it again

I have mentioned Essie countless times on my blog before so its not surprise that here is another post singing the praises of those little bottles of beauty. On another wander around Boots after I had finished work I saw that Essie was on offer for buy one get one half price, now at £8 a pop these are not cheap to keep on buying but I decided whilst they were on offer to treat myself. 

So the new additions to my ever growing collection are 'Soulmate' and 'Angora Cardi' both adorably named and both the perfect Autumn shades. Soulmate is a real black cherry colour which was something that was missing from my collection and this colour has been on my nails for over a week and it is love. It has an almost gel like texture and remains incredibly shiny for a good week on my nails. I think what drew me to this colour is that its dark enough to look very sophisticated but light enough to realise its not a just a black shade. The only thing that was worrying me about this shade was removing it and it staining my nails but I removed it last night and I'm happy to report that no staining has occurred so this is something I will be re-applying tonight. 

Then we have 'Angora Cardi' a dusky purple shade which I find is a more expensive version of Models Own 'Purple Ash' which I also own and adore. This has been on my toes for over a week now and still looks as lovely as the day I applied it. A really beautiful shade for Autumn and it has almost a pastel hue to it like most of the Essie shades I own and probably the reason I love this brand so much. 

So Essie have done it again for me. What are your favourite Essie polishes?
Rebecca Warriner