20 facts

As much as I hate to jump on the bandwagon with this post, its something I find really interesting to read so here goes:

  1. I am left handed. 
  2. All of my fingers are slightly crooked from getting them trapped in a car boot when I was younger..thanks Dad. 
  3. I don't eat any kind of potato, yes that even means chips.
  4. I have never once smoked a cigarette or done any kind of drug.
  5. My Mum passed away when I was 19. 
  6. Up until 2012 I had never drank and enjoyed a cup of coffee. 
  7. When I get nervous I can never make eye contact and I mostly stare at my hands. 
  8. My favourite song is 'From Roses' by a band called FENCES. I even have it tattooed on me and the singer told me that it was beautiful and he was extremely flattered, safe to say that made my day. 
  9. Oddly roses are not my favourite flower, white lilies are. 
  10. However I currently have 4 roses tattooed on me. 
  11. I have a rabbit called 'Pink Bunny' who lives at the end of my bed that has been with me since I was a child.
  12. Coincidentally rabbits are my favourite animal, hedgehogs come close though along with giraffes and elephants. 
  13. I talk an awful lot in my sleep, I once even shouted 'green flash'. 
  14. I am incredibly stubborn. 
  15. My dream job is to be the editor of a magazine (preferably my own).
  16. I have a little dog called Bella
  17. During university I developed a strange obsession with horror films. 
  18. Red Thai curry is my favourite meal. 
  19. I am an incredibly organised person, as well as being obsessively tidy. It generally panics me when things are messy around me. 
  20. Odd numbers really bother me. 
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