A few of my favourite things in February

February was meant to be a month of frugality for me sadly that went down the drain for two reasons... 1 I sold a shed load of items on eBay and my winnings were pretty hefty and 2 I am pretty un well to say the least and by un well I dont mean I have the sniffles I mean several trips to my GP, hospital scans and enough antibiotics to turn me into a human rattle. Now I dont know about you lot but when I am feeling sorry for myself my bank card takes the brunt of it. So most of these are new purchases but there are a few old favourites in there too!

I originally purchased the Bioderma 'Sebium' for oily skin but my skin has changed quite a lot lately and it more on the dry side so I thought it was maybe time to try the original Bioderma and this product it just dreamy it really does feel like water removing your make up. This is also better for travelling as I dont need to pack a eye make up remover also so thats a firm favourites. Two nails bits are the OPI nail envy and I have the matte version, I loved the original but ran out months ago now and I am so glad to have it back in my stash, there is really nothing better than this base coat and if you nab this on eBay its a lot cheaper. The Seche Vite top coat is another new addition and I have never seen my nails look so shiny however the smell of this product is pretty potent.

Make up wise an old favourite is the Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold' and I didnt realise just how pretty this product is and it seems to change colour in what light it is in. Like all the Sleek products its so highly pigmented you really have to be careful otherwise you might look like you have rubbed your face in it rather than a natural flush. The Revlon 'Nearly Naked' foundation is a new addition to the foundation stash and its been the only thing I have been reaching for lately, its not the most incredible thing I have ever tried but the money you pay its pretty amazing. It really is a naked foundation you cannot feel it on your skin at all whilst still maintaining a light to medium coverage, now it wont overtake my beloved Laura Mercier 'Silk Creme' but for everyday its perfect. In the lip department I have been reaching for the Korres lip butter in 'Plum' now I mainly use this in my morning make up routine as I dont like sticking my fingers into products on the go but it gives a lovely berry tint as well as being so nourishing on the lip.

The last two bits are the Burt's Bees radiance body butter and I picked this up in a set with the exfoliating body wash which I havent tried yet but I really like the body lotion its incredibly light on the skin and well just look at that packaging. Finally is the Jo Malone perfume in 'Blackberry & Bay' I have had this since Christmas and I really haven't worn much else since, its such a beautiful fragrance and it lingers around all day which is a big plus point.

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty