Plant pots for Storage?

Home decor is something that I am completely obsessed with, thanks Pinterest. When I moved home I got to re-decorate my room and it was the perfect oppertunity to pick up lots of little bits of bobs to store my treasures. 

IKEA is heaven sent for little bits for storage, I have 5 of the the white plant pots above to store a plethora of items and they are perfect for storing skincare. It makes things to easy to see whilst still keeping in with the theme of my room. The little glass tea light holders are also lovely, I have the above full of lipstick and the other full of cotton pads. My make up brushes have taken refuge in another little candle holder although I am think that might need a little bit more space at the moment, so I am currently on the lookout for something else. Candle jars are a firm favourite in the beauty world for holding beauty items and I would love to have a Diptique one sadly I literally dont have money to burn. The latest addition to my storage is this little heart ramekin holder and it is ideal for holding my watches next to my bedside table. 

I hope you all liked this post, slightly different to my usual beauty ramblings and maybe quite useful if you are looking for different storage methods!
Rebecca Warriner