The BeautecoBox

I have toyed with the idea of getting a beauty box subscription for a long time ever since I read about Glossybox many years ago now. However I have always been put of by just getting crappy samples and acquiring a lot of products I just had no interest in and wouldn't use. However there is something that sets BeautecoBox apart from the others and that is that you a choice of three beauty menu's. This is June's box and I chose menu 3 as it had a few full size products as well as some decent sample sizes too. 

Neal & Wolf Elevate volumising lotion: I have given so many volumising lotions and potions a go but its very rare that they actually do much for me. Apply this to towel dried hair before either blow drying or letting your hair air dry which is what I prefer to do. Although you probably achieve much more voluminous hair if you blow dry it I try and avoid unnecessary heat at all costs. This adds a really nice amount of volume and makes my hair feel a little thicker without feeling heavy or weighed down either. You only need a small amount as well so this bottle will last me an absolute age and its a great alternative to the Percy & Reed volumising oil. 

Eve of Agnes Refining Bamboo exfoliating polish: I have really steer cleared of manual exfoliation after finding chemical exfoliants were working a lot better for my skin type. However I was excited to give this one a go and I was so shocked by this product. The texture of it is lovely its very ligt and the exfoliating beads are so fine and don't aggravate my skin at all. It buffs away any signs of dry or flaky skin and leaves my skin looking fresh and radiant. I think this is probably my favourite product in the box and I am so glad I did give it a go after turning my back on manual exfoliation for a little while. 

Pukka Radiance Serum: If a product claims to enhance radiance I'm always more drawn to it as thats the one thing my skin really lacks. This serum was a huge let down for me sadly and after two uses I knew it wasn't working for me. I know my skin extremely well and I know what works and what doesn't and this just was all wrong. It left an odd consistency on my skin and upon application made my skin feel really tight and then once it has absorbed if I touched my face it felt like damp tissue residue was coming off it. As nothing else had changed in my routine I knew straight away it was this which is disappointing. 

Neal & Wolf Harmony intensive care treatment: One thing that is missing in my hair care routine is an intensive treatment. Again this is a full size product so I will really get to see the benefits this will bring for my hair. Generally my locks are in really good condition but my ends are bleached so they are a little damaged obviously that goes without saying. You only need to use this one for 3-5 minutes which won me over pretty quickly as I can never be bothered to leave products on for ages I get bored and just want to get out the bath at that point. The smell of this is lovely I cant quite put my finger on it but the smell remained on my hair when it was dry too which I really like. This is a good treatment but I wasn't blown away by it I think you could spend a lot less and get a similar result and out of the two Neal & Wolf products I much prefer the volumising lotion. 

Art Deco brow gel: If you read my June favourites you will know I was pretty happy with my brow gel from No7. That has now been replaced with this baby nothing has ever and I mean ever held my brows in place so and even in this heat they have stayed perfectly. Now it does make my brows a little hard and if you use to much you do get little white flakes so really use with caution. It doesn't bother me my brows being a little hard if that means they literally don't budge as I struggle with them just dropping down how that happens I don't know but no longer is that an issue. Along with the exfoliator this is definitely one of my favourite products. 

I am definitely warming to the idea of taking out a subscription the Beauteco Box for a few months now as I was really impressed with this box and for the money you would pay the value of the products included proceeds it by miles. Have you tried BeautecoBox? Let me know your thoughts on beauty boxes and which ones you like.
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty