Skincare: Face Masks

It has taken me a long time to really get into face masks and actually remember to apply them weekly but now I can't get enough of them. I seem to have collected quite the gathering of masks but they all have there uses in my routine and I think now I have one for all my skin's needs. 

Origins Drink Up-Intensive: I don't know how long this has been on my list of things to try but it is easily over a year. This has been raved about so much in the beauty blogging sphere so when I saw that Boots had start stocking miniature versions of the masks and some other products too I purchased it without hesitation. It is an overnight mask directed to very dry skin but I don't have that issue my concern is how dehydrated my skin can get. I apply this once or twice a week mainly after I have used other masks in my stocks to to put the moisture back into my skin. I do like mask although I am not amazed yet maybe my hopes were too high and also the smell of this is awful?! however it does do exactly what it says on the tube and does quench my skins thirst. 

REN Glycolatic Radience Re-newel mask: Again this is something I had lusted after for such a long time and finally picked it up a few weeks a go now. This is a very odd consistency for a mask feels like I am putting slime onto my face? Slime however that gives me a lovely radiant complexion afterwards. I use this once a week if my skin really is looking dull and drab which is usually around Thursday for some reason. Applied to freshly cleansed skin and being left on for around 10 minutes ish does the job perfectly on my skin. It is really helping lifting some deep set blemish scars and it definitely gives my complexion a radiance boost. 

Origins Out of Trouble: If my skin is having a serious breakout this is what I turn to without fail. This is the only mask I find actually helps the blemishes dramatically without seriously drying out the rest of my face. I leave this on for a couple of hours to really let it get to work on breakouts if they are bad all over but if it is just a couple then I just dot it on them sometimes overnight if I really want them gone. Out of all the Origins masks I use this is by far my favourite. 

Una Brennan Deep Clean: A traditional clay mask to keep those pores unclogged and give the skin a thoroughly deep clean. This is by far my favourite unclogging mask that I have ever tried as it leaves my face feeling cleansed without feeling stripped or tight which I can find with some. Again I like to leave this on for a little longer than the recommended 5 minutes  just so it really does gather all the impurities out. 

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic: I love the fresh face masks from Lush they are lovely to have around if you skin needs a real treat. My favourite out of the ones that I have tried is by far Catastrophe Cosmetic as I find this most effective for my skin gripes. I hold my hands up to this now when I get a spot I do panic a little ha not because of the spot but because of the red mark it will leave on my skin for a good few months. Why I like this mask so much is because as well as soothing and breakouts and leaves the skin throughly cleansed to prevent anymore little blemishes popping up. 

Origins Clear Improvement: Again another clay based mask and this was the first face mask I actually ever purchased. I have to admit this is isn't my favourite Origins product as I just find it simply a little harsh on my complexion. This definitely does drag all the rubbish that is lurking in my skin but as a result I am left with some nasty breakouts sometimes which isn't desired at all. Out of the this and the Una Brennan I much prefer the latter and at it more than half the price of the Origins number it is really worth trying.

Una Brennan Rose Intense Moisture Mask: After not being wowed by the Origins drink up intensive mask I was on the hunt for another option and I spotted this in Boots. You only need to leave this is on for around 10 minutes after cleansing and remove with a warm muslin cloth (which I do with all these masks fyi). After doing this my skin feels hydrated and looks a lot more plump than before and as I have got a few blemishes at the moment it seems to be calming them down a lot.

What are your favourite masks? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty