There's love in those pages

Having a studied photography for 5 years and 3 those being directly involved with editorial photography it only means one thing. I have a serious obsession with magazines and I have an ever growing collection in my bedroom which in reaching scary heights. I actually made my own magazine for my final major project which you can see here

I will admit I am quite snobby about what magazines I buy an tend to go for eclectic choices than your standard NOW or Heat. I like to see editorials that blow everything out of the water and have real creativity behind them rather than how to drop 6 dress sizes in 5 seconds. So here are my favourites:

Elle: One of the only high street magazines that I tend to pick up. Elle for me is a classic magazine now the content isn't daring or out there but it is incredibly beautiful The fashion content is more on trend I find than the likes of Vogue or Harpers Bazaar so one for young fashionista's. With also the likes of Elle Collections and Elle Decor you are bound to find something you like in the Elle family. 

Kinfolk : A coffee table magazine at its absolute finest. This isn't going to tell you latest trends in fashion and beauty but you will see an incredible set of editorial lifestyle pieces surrounded by recipes. The quality of this publication is like nothing else it feels a lot more like a book than a magazine so if you haven't had the pleasure of looking through this magazine I highly recommend you do.  

Lula: This is the magazine that sparked the entire obsession with it all. I adore Lula probably more than most things again is isn't packed full of fashion or beauty but it has so much more. The editorial content of this magazine is absolutely stunning and the interviews in it are always so quirky and interesting.  

Vogue: How could I not mention Vogue? Although I much prefer French or Italian Vogue as I find the photography content stronger it is still a classic. The September Issue is something I always pick up every year without fail and this years has a brilliant editorial with Cara & Pharrell. 

Oh Comely : I saw this magazine grow to where it is now as I saw the first issue come out whilst I was still at university. As I have had the pleasure of meeting the editor and other staff who work there and my friend David has work in it regularly It a beautiful lifestyle magazine with photography, adorable illustration and graphics work so I would definitely give this a look if you haven't already. 

Other of favourites include: LOVE, Material Girl, Cereal, Frankie, Peppermint and Betty. Let me know what your favourite magazines are or if there any you might think I might like. Also if you are around the London area pop into Wardour News it is magazine heaven I could spend hours in that shop.