The Woe's of Having a Fringe

As much as I love having a fringe again they aren't half high maintenance at times ,of course there is the gap that appears when you least expect mostly in photographs etc. They seem to grow at the rate of knots too so a regular trim is necessary and then they never sit right for a while and when they finally do it's time for a trim again. I always find that my hair looks best when it is freshly washed and I have the most volume in my hair but I have found a way around it I think. 

When I blow dry my hair I like to section it off so I just have my fringe to concentrate on at first I like to use a low heat setting on my hairdryer and a barrel brush. This gives me my desired look which is something like this as a very straight fringe doesn't suit me in the slightest. After I have let my hair settle down after blow drying it I move onto styling it and I use the L'Oreal Volume heat styling spray to keep the style in my hair for longer. I then pop my fringe into two layers as it is quite thick so I like to get the underneath properly I also find doing this adds more volume. As my GHD's are quite rounded I find it easier to give my hair more of a smooth finish and once I am happy with that I use a tiny bit of hairspray just to set it all into place but in general I don't like my fringe to look too structured. In between washes I do the same thing I just give it a quick spritz with water to make it damp and then re-style it as my hair goes really flat. 

What are you fringe styling tips? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty