A new set of frames

I haven't been a glasses wearer for that long but as bad eyesight seems to run in the females in my family I knew it wouldn't be long before it was my time. Luckily I do only need them when I'm working on a screen, reading and basically anything that really requires my eyes to work a little harder. My first pair of glasses were the Ray-Ban classic wayfarers and whilst I love them they are quite heavy to wear for a long period of time. 

So when I got asked if I wanted to try out a pair of glasses from London Retro I was pretty excited to get a new set of glasses. I went for the Fitzrovia* frames which are a dark tortoise frames which on the inside are a pretty pale pink shade which makes them quite different to most frames out there. Compared to my Ray-Bans these are incredibly light which make them so much more comfortable to wear to long periods of time and I am not left with a dint on my nose. My only little niggle with these are that they are quite tight enough to my face even after tightening on the arms so they do slip down my nose a little bit which is irritating. The price point of these glasses is excellent for the quality of them at £80 and the lens are anti reflective and scratch resistant. 

Are you a glasses wearer or do you prefer contacts?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty, Style