The males in our lives are always the most difficult to shop for it is notorious with men. Of course you can ask them what they want and you will most likely get the answer 'Oh no I don't want anything don't worry' of course we aren't going to be impressed with this answer. Unless you are one the lucky girls who's boy will tell you exactly what he wants here are some ideas. 

Clothing is always a good idea if you know the type of clothes your guy will actually wear and like. I am sure I am not the only girl who's guy will wear clothes till they can't give no more and look like there crying out to be replaced. T-shirts and hats are pretty much staples in a guys wardrobe as it is underwear and socks for that matter and they will always go to good use. Not many males look after their skin so any chance to maybe ween them into actually washing their face and the male version of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish would be perfect for that. Aftershave is a pretty standard choice but always a good one because I know I always hate splashing out on perfume for some reason it my favourite thing to receive as a gift. Gig tickets are always a fun purchase because it is something that you can do together but if your not the gig type then a vinyl of his favourite band would be a good choice. Contrary to popular belief boys do actually enjoy books and reading (well for the most part) and photography books are always a big hit even if your guy isn't directly involved with the subject. Finally is a big gift and that is a watch I love the Uniform Ware's watches they are an absolute classic, they are pricey yes but a watch is a gift that they can keep forever and have a lovely reason behind wearing.

What are your gift suggestions for guys? 
Rebecca Warriner