I'm sorry I misjudged you

You know when you pick up those products that have been hyped up beyond belief and you use them and well they fall a little flat? Well here are mine upon first use I wasn't blown away like I was promised to be but with time our relationship has blossomed and now I am fully fledged love affair with them. 

I had heard so much about cleansing balms over the past year and a half but I was so smitten with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish I just didn't feel the need for one. But then I had a dream about Caroline Hirons and she practically scolded me for not using one so I took it as a sign that I just needed to give one a go. My first venture into the world of the cleansing balm was the Boots Botanics cleansing balm which one first impressions I really liked using but I found my skin is a little too sensitive to such heavy ingredients such as shea butter. Then a few blogs mentioned The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter and there was some sort of deal going on and I picked it up. As you can see I have clearly being enjoying using this by the huge dent I have made in it but again at first I was skeptical but after a few more uses I now revel in the wonder of this product. It removes every scrap of make up I have on and leaves my skin baby soft and soothed which is all I want from my cleansers.

Origins is by far my favourite skincare brand you don't have to be a loyal reader of my blog to know this I just find that it works for me and it isn't to bad on the bank balance. I picked up the Origins Drink up Intensive mask a few months a go now once I had seen that Boots had started stocking the travel size versions of them. A lot of my go to blogs for skincare did not get on with this mask at all and found it broke them out but then I know so many other people who swear by this so I was a little unsure whether I was going to be amazed or left with a face full of spots. Something I had always read about this was the amazing smell now for me I do not like the scent of this at all I find it too heavily fragranced but I can forgive that. My skin is typically more on the oily side than dry but something I can get the odd dry patch but mostly my skin is de-hydrated and slathering this on over night really helps. When I look at my skin after using this it looks so much plumper and just all around better any pesky dry patches are either gone or so much better after using this. I like to use this mostly on the evenings when I have used something like to the Origins Out of Trouble mask that might have dried my skin out slightly or when I have a cold my skin gets dry when I am under the weather.

Finally is another Caroline Hirons used and approved product Hydraluron. Again the beauty blogs went wild for this and so did my best friend who's skin is a lot dryer than mine and time and time again she told me to pick it up. I snagged this when it was on offer at around £16 instead of £25 which happens a good few times a year so look out for it if you are wanting to try it too. I couldn't tell if this was making a difference in my skin or not until I stopped using it for a few days my skin looked lack lustre and my make up just wasn't gliding on with ease anymore. I am actually out of this at the moment and I can tell my skin isn't as happy as it was whilst using this but another product is tiding me over for the meantime. I wouldn't say this is essential unless you have dry skin or your skin is very de-hydrated then I would highly suggest giving it a go. 

What are the products you have misjudged?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty