A Bee & A Bobble Hat

I don't do hats, normally but I figured it was time I just gave a proper woollen hat a try. It's getting very cold in the midlands/north of England and whilst the sun might still be shining on some days the air feels crisp. I don't deal with the cold well so I have to layer up and I am probably going to invest in some thermals and admit my mum was right about investing in a proper winter coat.

I have been wearing my winter coat from last year lately and remembering just how much I loved it. It is a boyfriend style kinda affair and it adds something a little more to an otherwise pretty boring outfit of a jumper and skirt. As well as my bobble hat that hasn't left my head (a TK Maxx find) I have been wearing this little bumble bee necklace too. Since the beginning of this year I have really wanted a little bee pendent but could not find one anywhere and was willing to pay out quite a lot on one but Tesco came to the rescue. I was actually looking for some gloves and came across this little beauty at the grand total of £4, I have found quite a few hidden gems in those isles. Finally I have been putting some curl back into my hair I don't know if it is because I have ditched the ombrè or what but I have been wanting some texture in my tresses (more likely I have been staring at Alexa Chung pictures on Pinterest for too long). Of course my main companion for this the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray it always just adds that little bit of umph to my curls.

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty, Style