The Wonders of the Buffing Brush

I am pretty certain on the fact that there is not a beauty obsessive out there who hasn't heard of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. When I first purchased this over two years a go now in the Core Collection set I wanted to primarily use it for foundation as I had heard through the grapevine it gave you that dreamy airbrushed finish we all want. However I have found that this brush can just about do anything with and it creates such beautiful results with ease.

Real Techniques as a whole can do no wrong in my eyes I have never been disappointed with any of their products and apart from my eyebrow spoolie they are the only brushes I use. My only gripe is the coloured handles and the curved base whilst I know the base makes it easy to stand up it but it also makes them an absolute pain the bum to store, aesthetics aside lets get on with just what the brush can do. Most people use this for buffing in foundation as it blends seamlessly and you don't have to spend that long to get a flawless base. As it is synthetic hair it doesn't soak up product like a sponge and makes it so much easier to clean and retain its original shape. As well as foundation this is also perfect for concealer and personally I find sometimes concealer can be a little tricky to blend in naturally to the skin. I find when I want to conceal a particular area which for me is mostly my chin as it has some scarring using this brush just works the product naturally over it without disturbing my foundation underneath. If I am travelling and I don't want to take a lot with me I also like to use this brush for powder as I have found it works better to press your powder onto the skin instead of sweeping it all over as sometimes it can smear things around if I have used a lot of cream products. 

My new favourite way to use my beloved BB is with blusher and whatever formula you like your blush in this just works. Applying blush is by far my least favourite thing to do but it is one of the most necessary steps in my routine because otherwise my complexion looks so lack lustre. To add a little more glow into my skin I have been turning to either a liquid or cream blush I find in the winter they work just that little bit better for me. By taking the product and just gently patting in onto the cheek and then using buffing and swirling motions I find this gives me the most natural flush and never leaves any harsh stripes on the cheek. Powder blush requires a little more attention but by lightly patting the product into the skin then blending upwards, this method gives you a lot more control as it is very easy to go overboard and look like you have been running for the bus instead.

Are you fan of the buffing brush? If so what do you like to use it for?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty