Mattifying & Illuminating

Powders aren't what they used to be, long gone are the days of dull matte skin and last year welcomed an abundance of the illuminating powders. A good setting powder has been a staple in my routine for years ever since I first started to wear make up which is probably nearly 10 years ago now. Having oily skin means if I want my foundation and most importantly my concealer to last I have to set it all down and the addition of a primer helps even more. Over the years I have given so many a go that I have lost count and really given the majority of Boots a good go in the hope for the perfect one. 

Right down to the basics is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I have the translucent shade as I mostly use this in the summer so I have no idea what my skin tone might be. This really is a no frills no fuss power it does exactly what it does on the tin and for the price I really cannot fault it. Whilst the packaging is cheap and is easy to break as I very rarely take a powder on the go with me it sits just fine in my dresser. For something that is a little more covering the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural is one of the best I have found, it gives just a touch more coverage to the skin as well as setting everything into place and leaves a really natural finish to the skin. The colour range isn't amazing as I find if I am my naturally snow white self than this can look ever so slightly to dark so I do need a light hand with it. Although I haven't photographed it above the L'Oreal True Match is a real old favourite from my school days and I have gone through countless compacts of it, finely milled and never leaves the skin heavy or dull. I have also heard amazing things recently about the liquid foundation so I might just have to give it a go. 

The illuminating powders really are my favourite I have to be honest, whilst in the summer I might reach for the matte offerings these beauties really hold my heart. The first one I picked up is the MAC MSF in Lightscapade heralded as a dupe for the beautiful but seriously overpriced Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and the £22 sat much better with my bank account. This is basically like sweeping light all over your face and although it is marketing as a highlighting product I find it far too sheer to do that so it is the perfect setting powder. It doesn't settle into any fine lines or enhance any pores or fine lines instead it just makes me look like I am naturally that glowing (see it in action here) but lets be honest unless you are a Cullen nobody is that luminous. Finally is the latest addition to my powder posy and it is the Bourjois Java Rice Powder and this on my 'to buy' list for months now and whilst it was on 3 for 2 I finally grabbed it. Notably this isn't that easy to track down either I have only ever seen it in really big Boots stores which is a pain but worth the hunt. Loose powders are still a sticky area with me I like my make up fuss free and loose powder is the last item you think of for that trait. I release a tiny amount at a time and then tap it in the lid as pick it up with my brush from there. Like the MAC MSF this just adds a beautiful sheen to the skin and blurs over any imperfections that you might have although I have found if you go overboard then it can settle slightly.     

What is your favourite powder?
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