All smell & No result

Fun fact for you is that watermelon is one of my all time favourite scents and when Haribo bought out those bags of Tangfastics last year with those little slices of watermelon in I might have eaten copious bags of them. So when I saw this new release pop up on my Twitter & Bloglovin feed I knew it was something I needed to try out as I'm just a complete sucker for packaging and scent. I'm always trying products that claim to give me bounce and smoother looking hair and this is just another to add to the pile of 'mehs'.

I believe the Free from Frizz brand is a new addition to the isles of Boots and as well as this duo there is also a 6 week kit available. A mid point in the price range at £5.99 each but for me they just weren't really worth it at all, there are much better products available for the money. The range claims to smooth hair and reduce frizz and tangles without the use of any harsh chemicals, the name confuses me completely as it is called 'blowout' maybe I was just being naive but I was convinced it was going to be volumising. 

I was wrong this doesn't add volume at all so if you went on the same assumption as I did and wanted to pick this up don't. I don't even think it makes blowdrying any easier and help with the tangles I can get in my hair, it doesn't make my hair any more shiny either. This post seems pretty negative doesn't it? I just don't feel like this product is worth the money as it just didn't really do anything for me. It didn't do anything bad but nothing to make me think yes I really want to use you again. It probably serves me right for picking this up just based on the dreamy scent (calpol esque) and the cute packaging that makes me think the conditioner looks like a milkshake. I really did want to love it but sadly we just weren't too be but you can't have it all in life can you. 

Have any products let you down recently?
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