A thing for pink...again

Once a year I seem to become a tiny bit obsessed with the colour pink and I spoke about in a post last year but I seem to be in the midst of another love affair with the shade. I'm not a hugely colourful person outfit wise as most days I keep things pretty monochrome but I do like to have a little play around with my blusher and lipstick choices. It can't just be any pink though as anything bright, neon or blue toned just doesn't sit well with me at all so they have to be more subtle and milky for me to really get along with them.

With a blog name like 'From Roses' and having 4 of them tattooed around my body it is pretty obvious that I have a soft spot for that particular bloom but lately I really can't get enough of the scent. I've been wearing the Chloe Roses* and it still has that classic Chloe sophistication with a hint of rose which makes it beautiful to wear in the spring. Just like roses I have a huge love for blush too and seem to buy them like they are going out of style. Two current favourites of mine are the Look Beauty powder blush in Rosy and the Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium which holds the crown for the perfect pink blush as well as the most beautiful cream formulation. 

When you buy another bottle of nail polish I always think that is true sign of love and I'm on my second bottle of both Essie Fiji and Rimmel Rose Libertine. These are both such pretty shades that are quite understated which are my favourite kind of pinks to go for. I've got all bases covered with lips here and my current favourite is the Lanolips Lip Ointment in Rose* which is a milky pink shade that provides hydration as well as pretty gloss to the lip. A favourite from last year is the Rimmel Apocolips in Celestial and as the formulation can be quite slippy I like to blot this down to more of a stain. Another balm with a hint of tint is the Korres Lip Butters in Jasmine which is quite similar to the Lanolips Lip Ointment in Rose* but just not as glossy. A lipstick love of the moment is the Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 04 which is such a pretty pink shade but something I find to be a little more grown up than MAC Creme Cup

What are your favourite pink products?

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