All products should have pumps

If a product comes with a pump it gains 100 extra bonus points with me, I might be a fan of pretty packaging but practicality comes first. There hygienic, fuss free, easy to use and just down right great and I always wish all products came with them. Although a squeezy tube is a great option too and you do tend to get less product wastage and you can just snip them open to really get your moneys worth there is just something about a pump that puts them slightly above.

Tubs of products might look pretty but they are so un-hygienic, things like facial moisturiser, cleanser, lip balms and concealer just to name a few. Although I keep a huge bottle of hand sanitizer in my vanity and make sure I always use it before touching such products but it still irks me that germs can be breeding in my products. Whilst travelling too with products in a tub I find a lot can get wasted as it shifts around and with products in tube form. Within my skincare routine I like to have my cleanser in pump form so I can have more control with how much I dispense and the same goes for moisturiser too.  

If I had my way all my shower products would come with a pump too I practically squealed with joy when I opened a Jurlique parcel and out came the Rose Body Cleanser* as I will be keeping the bottle so I can dispense other shower gels into it. Hair & body oils that have you have to pour out are my worst nightmare as they get incredibly messy and oils are slippy to begin with. Within my make up routine I always like my foundations to have a pump and when high end foundations don't include one ahem Estee Lauder Double Wear & Nars Sheer Glow, it really puts me off and when your spending the best part of £30 it should be a standard design. Doe foot applicators on concealers are something I can't stand it is just a breeding ground for bacteria which will probably lead to more breakouts and I believe that the MAC Pro Longwear is one of the only ones I have seen with a pump.

Are you like me, do you prefer items with a pump?
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