Nail Care & Prep

My nails aren't the in the best condition they could be down the fact I never ever let them breathe and go bare, I'm beginning to think I have an actual phobia of bare nails. So baring that in mind I really try and keep my nails in the best shape that I possibly can. For years I just slapped nail polish on without a second thought about it but now I've got a solid routine and introduced oils, scrubs and creams. 

Whenever I remove my current manicure I always make sure I follow up with this routine, after the nail is clean I use my The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream. As this is for hands and nails it just works that tad better but I like to mix in a few drops of the Essie Cuticle Oil just to massage onto the cuticle to completely hydrate them. Like I said I have a strange obsession of always have a colour on my nails, I find my natural nails just aren't very pretty so I start to prepare them for whatever colour I might choose to slick on. 

Before I do anything I always cut my nails back to be short and square shaped as that is what style I prefer and use a glass file to add a little more shape to them. I try to push back my cuticles often as they can become quite overgrown and the best I've found is the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Once I've pushed them back I then use a hand scrub to make sure any dead bits of skin are sloughed away and I'm really enjoying this one from Organic Surge*. Another dose of hand cream I then use a base coat and I'm currently using the Butter London Nail Foundation which creates a neutral base for whatever shade I fancy and hydrates the nail too. 

Do you have a nail care routine?
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