The Pinks

A while back I did a post called 'The Reds' and a lovely reader left a comment asking if I could do one for pinks as as I cant get enough of the shade right now, what better time? Although a red lip is my all time favourite there is just something super pretty about a pink lip especially in the spring and summer. I'm not quite brave enough to wear a real bright fuchsia lip at the moment so I've very much about the pretty milky pinks and things with more a dusty rose element to them.

The matte pinks:
Something I've spoken about quite a lot recently is the Revlon Matte Balms and I can't get enough of the shade 'Sultry'. The shade is a deep pink with quite a classic feel to it and the formulation of these balms is absolutely spot on, Revlon really knocked it out of the park with this release. A matte lip liner that I stupidly forget to photograph is the Lord & Berry Kiss Proof Liner* in 'Blossom' is something that I sometimes just throw on alone as it lasts a really long time and is a pretty everyday colour. Although technically not a matte lip at all I wear the Rimmel Apocolips in 'Celestial' as more of a stain. These are a lip lacquer that offer a serious amount of pigmentation but I can find them to quite slippy and have the tendency to get my my teeth if I'm not careful so I blot them down to create more of a matte stain. 

The cream pinks:
This is the formulation that really dominates my lipstick collection as they are just so easy to slick on. A couple of recent favourites have been the Bobbi Brown - Rosy lipstick and the Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 4, they both have absolutely beautiful formulations. MAC Creme Cup is one of the first lipsticks I ever bought and although I do love the shade I find on my skin tone is can be a little too baby pink. That lipstick in the dreamy packaging is from L'Occitane and even though they don't stock it anymore it is still a firm favourite of mine, it is quite a grown up shade that leads towards the brown side of pink. A shade that is definitely out of my normal comfort zone is the Yves Rocher Grand Rouge* in Rose Eclatant, a real bright pink that looks absolutely beautiful on the lips and a shade that I've been gravitating too. 

The balmy pinks:
My love/obsession for lip balm is no kept secret and especially ones of the tinted variety. I've been giving the Clarins Lip Balm Crayon* in shade 2 Creamy Pink a try and the formulation of these is absolutely lovely as they provide a pretty wash of colour whilst hydrating the lips too. My all time favourite tinted balm is the Burt's Bees Tinted Balm which is very similar too MAC Creme Cup shade wise but with a more hydrating formulation. I love the Korres Lip Butters and the shade Jasmine is a pretty milky pink that adds a light gloss to the lips. I've been really enjoy the Lanolips Lip Ointment* in the shade Rose which adds such a pretty wash of colour whilst really helping with any dryness.  The latest addition to my balm clan is the Rodial Glamstick* in the shade Revenge and this is very similar to Bobbi Brown - Rosy colour wise. I was really shocked at how beautifully this went onto the lips and it smells of coconut too which is just an added bonus to a lovely product.  

The glossy pinks:
I don't own many glossy formulations as I do prefer something that is more of a satin finish but I have a couple in my own collection. A sheer and glossy consistency is the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipstick and I'm currently making my way through the last remains of the shade 'Beehive'. A real gloss is the Art Deco Hydro Lip Booster* which I wear from time to time if I don't want the hassle of a lip stick as this adds a pretty sheen to lips and it isn't sticky at all which is my main problem with lip glosses. 

What is your favourite pink?

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