Time to Go

Although I try my best to be quite militant with my beauty stocks and keep things in some sort of order so that I'm not wasting products. Some items have slipped through the net though and seem to have been in my collection for years now and I think it is about time I properly get my use out of them before I end up throwing them away. I've begin to learn quality over quantity when it comes to purchasing make up and I'm trying really hard to ignore any hype over products so I'm not buying for buyings sake. 

I'm addicted to buying bases so some are bound to get lost in the crowd and a real old favourite of mine is the MAC Studio Sculpt. This offers quite a high level of coverage whilst leaving a satin finish to the skin and when my skin used to be quite problematic I used to love this, it is the only MAC foundation that I've found not to oxidise either. I remember wearing this on the opening night of my degree show at university so it has always held a special place in my heart but that means it is over two years old so it is time to use up the remains. I remember wanting the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette for months and then my sister kindly purchased it for me a few Christmas's ago.  I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to use this all up to be honest as the concealer is a few shades too dark for me and the only eyeshadow that really works is the dark brown for my brows. 

Another eyeshadow option is the MUA Heaven & Earth palette and I remember when I first got this I was amazed by it. Granted I do tend to just use the light champagne shades but they are super pretty on the lid but nowadays I'm just a little meh about the quality, granted it does only cost £4 but there can be quite a fair bit of fall out. I want to try and use this up as powder products last for years so it seems silly to just throw it away. It pains me that I might just have to give in and say goodbye to this beautiful blush from No7 but the quality is just so poor I can't think of a way that I can use it. The Seventeen Beehive Lipstick is a real favourite amongst bloggers and it's the only nude that I've really got along with. The formulation of these lipsticks is absolutely lovely and they leave a pretty sheen of colour whilst being hydrating too. Nowadays I tend not to really reach for spot treatments as I just let them do their own thing but rewind a couple of years ago I used to apply the Origins Super Spot Remover like it was going out of fashion. On the odd occasion I have a little spot that I know this will actually get rid of then I will still use it but on red cystic lumps this doesn't stand a chance. I should probably let this go anyway as it is probably out of date and I'm quite conscious of sell by dates within my skincare. 

Are you trying to use anything up?
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