Introducing the advertisers on From Roses #5

We're over half way through the year now and that means over the past 5 months that I've had the pleasure to get to know some awesome bloggers out there. So here are the ladies that have been on my side bar in July.

This month Živa was my gold sponsor and you can read my full length interview with her here, it was awesome to get to know more about the lady behind the blog. A couple of posts that I really enjoyed from her lately was the beachy styling routine and her everyday pink lip products. You can follow Nothin' Fancy. Really on Bloglovin, Twitter and Pinterest

Sarah runs the blog SarahLuvsFiona which incorporates all aspects of beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed her post on How I deal with Acne, as I've suffered with my skin in the past and I absolutely loved reading about her story and how she deals with it now.  I need another cleanser like I need a hole in the head she has totally sold me on the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm. You can follow Sarah on Twitter and Instagram here. 

Amy from A Little Boat Sailing is one of my favourite blogs anyway so it was a pleasure to have her on my sidebar for the the last month. Right down from the layout to the photography A Little Boat Sailing is an absolute pleasure to read and view. I'm now desperately coveting a Oliva Burton watch after Amy's post on her beautiful birthday gift to herself. With a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle you are bound to find something you love. You can follow Amy on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

I had the pleasure of having Mary Jo on my sidebar last month too. Blueberry Segments is a beauty & lifestyle blog and she also has YouTube channel. I'm still absolutely loving her Friday Favourites posts and she has been writing a lot of about REN lately which is making me want to purchase more from the brand. You can follow her on Bloglovin and Twitter.

A blog that needs more recognition is Darling Dee Dee, written by Aussie girl Dee it is a pure delight to read. Covering all aspects of beauty and lifestyle you are sure to find something that you love. Her photography is simply beautiful and her posts are always so in depth which I really enjoy. I couldn't help but laugh at her Lord of the Rings reference in her Hourglass post. You can follow Dee on Twitter and Instagram

Loulabeth is written by 22 year old Laura, a beauty and fashion blog and the odd post including her adorable pug Tilly. She covers a wide range of topics and my favourite posts from her lately have been that dreamy wish list and the pictures from her trip to London. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  

I was glad to have Vivi on my sidebar for the second month in a row as I'm a big fan of her blog. Last month I did a more in depth interview with her which you can read here if you wanted to know more about the lady behind DH. As always her photography and posts are always completely spot on and leave me wanting more. You can follow Vivi on Bloglovin & Instagram here.

Kirsteaparty is a beauty and lifestyle blog.

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