Shiny Shiny Hair

Being a brunette I'm blessed with my hair naturally being quite glossy but I'm always on the hunt for the products that can help add extra shine to it. Ever since I got my brunette locks back after being platinum blonde and being forced to cut my hair into a bob my hair has been on a big journey to get back into a healthy state. Now I've got the moisture and body back into my main aim is to have hair that shines like nothing else because well who doesn't want that? 

My favourite hair washing duo at the moment are the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo & Conditioner*. They leave my hair feeling so clean even if I haven't washed it in four days but it never makes it feel stripped and it doesn't fade the colour either. I honestly think this is the perfect pairing for leaving my hair looking shiny, healthy and so clean that it brings out that natural bounce to my hair. If my hair needs a little more moisture in the shampoo department then I will always follow up with the Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner*, although my hair isn't terribly dry or damaged anymore I still like to make sure I'm giving it enough TLC. A a good oil is key for enhancing shine in the hair, I'm currently using the John Frieda Dream Curl Enhancing Oil* and it doesn't really matter if my hair is curled or not this soothes everything down incase things have got a little too frizzy and lack luste. 

If I want to inject a real boost of shine to my locks then I use the Charles Worthington Shine Booster kit, this provides a serum that you put onto damp hair before washing and then following up the shampoo and conditioner. I was actually really impressed when I used this as it left my hair glossy but not weighed down or greasy which can be the case with some shine boosting products. When I first used Bumble and Bumble Shine On Spray I applied far too much and I had to wash my hair as it turned into a complete grease ball. I've learnt to spray this lightly onto a brush and then apply it to the hair that way, I tend to go for this on 3rd day hair when I know I've got a lot of dry shampoo in my hair that tends to make the hair look quite matte. 

What are your favourite products for adding shine to your hair?

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