For a Flawless Base

My base is my favourite part of my make up routine to apply and it is also the area that I put the most effort into. For me if my base isn't sitting right then the rest of my make up doesn't stand a chance and it results in a pretty rubbish make up day. It has taken me years to work out the best way for me to apply it and how to prepare if I want a really flawless base.

A good base for make up is key to make your foundation look the best it can. I always make sure that I cleanse well and then move onto an exfoliant and my favourite way to exfoliate is chemically. I've gone back to a real oldie with the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser which sloughs away anything that I don't want hanging around without being too drying. To moisturise I've been using the Origins Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating moisturiser, this hydrates my skin without making it too slippy.

Some people aren't fans of primers and it took me along time to find one that even agreed with my skin. My favourite by far is the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch*, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and also helps to balance the complexion too. A little goes a long way with this too, I've been using this little pot for over a year and I'm only half way through!

My favourite way to apply my base is with a brush, I used to use my fingers for years and then moved onto a paint brush style and finally settled on a buffing style brush. I find that a round domed brush gives me an airbrush yet natural finish to the skin which I what I always aim for. Two of my absolute favourites are the Zoeva Silk Finish brush and the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, they are both fantastic quality and wash well which is a big factor when it comes to brush buying

How do you achieve a flawless base?
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