Complimentary Colours

All throughout my teens I don't think I ever got to grips with what shades actually sat well with my skin tone but I think I might have finally grasped it. I'm a naturally a fair skinned girl with a cool undertone, almost an English rose but not quite with a boat load of freckles scattered across my cheeks. As much as I would like to attempt to wear an orange or peach lipstick I just need to admit that they aren't for me and my skin tone. It has taken me a long time to really figure out what shades compliment and enhance my natural complexion and here are a few of my favourites. 

Foundation undertones are still something that baffle me now, I'm 99% sure I have a cool undertone but whenever I've been matched in MAC they match me to something warm and it just never looks right. I go for a very porcelain shade when it comes to picking a foundation, something will a cool undertone works so well for me although you do have to be careful as some bases can be very pink. One of the best colour matches I've found comes from the high street and is the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, not only is the formulation absolutely beautiful for the price they really do cater for fair skins. 

The blogging world is full to the brim of the latest eyeshadow releases and not once have I ever given in and bought one. For years I only wore a bone coloured shadow as I was so scared of going out my comfort zone, nowadays I know the most flattering shade against my green eyes is a neutral champagne like MACs Naked Lunch. If something leans too pink it makes me look pretty ill, same goes with bronze shades even though I would love to don a bronze smokey eye it just doesn't look flattering on me. I can get away with a taupe and maybe a grey but that is really about how adventurous as I get.  I never thought a purple toned blush would be something that I would gravitate towards, they look terrifying in the pan. Against my fair skin though and green eyes there is something really pretty about about them and this one from Topshop is lovely. 

I'm definitely an Autumnal girl when it comes to my lip colour choices, there are a few milky pinks and one peach shade that are in my collection and I love but I often find darker shades work so much better for me. Berries, dusky pinks and classic reds just make my heart flutter, again something that is cool toned works way better than something warm which is also handy as it makes my teeth look a lot whiter too. My favourites include the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry, No7 Lipstick in Cherry and the Korres Lip Butter in Plum. Over the years I've gathered more than my fair share of nail polishes, some shades I own are far more flattering than others and one of the best ones I've found lately is the Barry M Gelly Shine in Elderberry. Now I've found a way for these to stay on my nails (more on that soon) I've been wearing this shade a lot recently, it makes my hands look so healthy. 

What shades compliment your skin?
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