The best brushes for...

Ah make up brushes, how did I ever apply make up without you? When I first started to really become interested in beauty, brushes were the one thing that really confused me, what does what? what is good? and how much for one brush? Over the years though I think I've started to understand them more and get to grips with what I like in a brush and found some options that don't break the bank and last well too. My favourite brands are Real Techniques, Zoeva, No7 and ELF, I've never really tried anything from MAC as I just find them to be a little too pricy for my liking. My collection is mostly made up of tacklon bristled brushes which suits me just fine as they wash beautifully and I find them to perform better. I try and take good care with my brushes so I wash them often with mild anti bacterial soap and then leave them to dry at an angle so water doesn't run into the ferrule. 


I've become a little bit of a make up brush snob when it comes to applying my base but like I've said many times it is the most important step in my routine. Sponges are really popular nowadays but I think I will be sticking to my brushes as I find they give me the exact finish I want. My favourite type of brush to apply foundation with is a domed buffing brush, I like something that is quite dense so that it doesn't just soak up all the product. They are super easy to work with if you've not got a lot of time and just leave such a wonderful finish to the skin with minimal effort. 

Concealer & Powder

Although I could just use my face brushes if I was in a real pinch to apply my concealer but I like to have separate brushes just for hygiene reasons and to get more of precise finish. I like to use something small and dense, like a mini buffing brush if you will and sometimes concealer can be a little stubborn to blend. I've become quite fussy about what I use to apply my powder with, they can't be too big otherwise I just make a mess so I prefer to use something a little smaller and more precise. 

Highlight & Blush

I'm pretty fussy when it comes down to what I apply my blush with, I struggle with being a little over zealous with my application so I can easily look a little too rosy. I try to get my blush looking as natural as I possibly can as nobody intentionally goes for the stripe look do they? For my highlight I like something that is small yet fluffy so it gives an even application. 

Favourites: Real Techniques Stippling Brush and the ELF Blush Brush (for highlight).  

Eyes & Brows

As I'm a one colour all over the lid kinda girl 90% of the time my eye brush collection isn't very extensive but I have a few that get me through. When it comes to my brows I'm quite picky with the angled brush I use, I don't like anything that is too soft as I find that they don't distribute the colour well enough and it can lead some not so pretty brows. Probably my favourite brush out of them all is a spoolie, I would be lost without one as I'm a chronic sufferer of sad eyebrow syndrome.

What are your best brushes?
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