14 Awesome Beauty Discoveries in 2014

2014 has been a good year for beauty products. I've discovered so many amazing items that I had a real tough time narrowing it down to just 14, I'm pretty sure there might be a part 2 to this post! I've found a lot of new brands and some absolute gems from brands that I love already so here are my best beauty discoveries of 2014:

1. Bumble & Bumble Seaweed Shampoo & Conditioner*: When I received this in the post I never imagined I would adore it as much as I do as I was worried about it stripping the colour out of my hair. Luckily it is completely safe for coloured hair and it makes the hair feel incredibly clean whilst still feeling nourished, volumised and shiny. By far my favourite Bumble & Bumble product and that is a big claim as I adore the brand in general.

2. Nars Blush in Douceur: A brand that are known for their blushes is Nars, I had never picked one up though even though they have so much hype surrounding them. The shade Douceur is a dusky pink shade that contours the face as well as adding a natural flush, it is such an understated shade but it looks beautiful on the cheeks. 

3. Rimmel Match Perfection: Every time that I apply this base I love it more and more, for the £7 price tag it behaves like a high end base does. The line has a great shade range for us fair skinned girls which is rarity on the high street. It leaves a beautiful satin finish to the skin and works well when my skin is going through a dry and oily stage too so a lovely all rounder and perfect for every day. 

4. Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry: There are so many of these chubby stick type lip products around and my favourite are the Revlon Matte Balms. Not quite matte like the name suggests as they leave more of a velvet finish on the lips. The shade sultry is one of absolute favourites, the perfect dusky rose shade and red shade Standout is another one of my favourites. 

5. Jurlique Skincare*: I've tested a lot of products from Jurlique this year, you can read my round up post here. The brand have now become a firm favourite of mine and there are so many products that I just can't sing their praises enough.  

6. O.P.I Rapid Dry: For years I've been loyal to Seche Vite, I must have purchased 6 bottles of the stuff. After using up a small bottle of Rapid Dry I noticed that it wasn't shrinking my polishes and certain brands weren't chipping. I found a big bottle in TK Maxx and I've not looked back since, it doesn't leave as much shine as Seche Vite but my manicures last a lot longer. 

7. MeMeMe Dew Pot*: Cream eyeshadow is something that I've wanted to start using for a long time and this champagne shade from MeMeMe is the perfect base for all my shadows. It helps them last longer and covers any discolouration on my lids. 

8. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Rosy: A gift from my lovely best friend for my 24th birthday, completely enabled by Jen. It isn't the type of shade I would normally go for but it looks absolutely beautiful on the lips. Although it labeled sheer I find you can build it up to really opaque on the lips and it wears wonderfully. 

9. Claudia Louch Chamomille Gel Cleanser*: Another brand discovery of 2014 is Claudia Louch, a pricy but really wonderful brand. My favourite product from the line has got the be the Chamomille Cleanser* it gives me everything I want for my morning cleanse and more. 

10. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose Tweed: This sky rocketed to my every day lipstick the day I picked it up, it really is the perfect pink for me. I'm a complete sucker for dusky pinks as they flatter my complexion so much more and I really love the formulations of these lipsticks.

11. Collection Nude Palette: I picked this palette up on a whim and I'm so glad that I did. The combination of shades are ideal for travel and I love the formulation, long lasting without being too shimmery or powdery. The packaging isn't amazing but for the price I can forgive that. 

12. YSL Youth Liberator: I'm such a sucker for YSL bases and after months of debating whether to pick up the Youth Liberator I finally did and I've not looked back since. A beautiful medium coverage base that adds radiance to the skin without being overly dewy, it masks all my imperfections without being too heavy. A pricy base but one that I absolutely love and it has quickly become one of my holy grail items. 

13. MeMeMe Dark & Divine Lash*: Mascaras are a tricky area for me, I can never find one that does everything I want well that was until I discovered the YSL Babydoll mascara. As I'm not willing to shell out that much money more than twice a year I'm so glad I discovered the MeMeMe Dark & Divine Lash* it gives me such a similar result and is a bargain too.

14. Charles Worthington Texture & Bounce Spray: I'm constantly on the quest for volumising products and this spray from Charles Worthington is incredible. It gives my limp locks a real boost without making it feel crunchy or too heavy and it smells absolutely amazing. It holds the volume too which is a rare find for a volumising spray as some just fall flat after a while. 

What beauty products have you discovered this year?
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