Beauty Habits I Can't Break

Writing a beauty blog means I've picked up some great habits over the years however there are just some beauty habits that I can't break. They aren't the worst in the world, some actually work in my favour but I should probably still try and get out of them, still I'm here to lay them down in all their glory.

  • Not brushing my hair: I never used to be like this but within the past year or so I seem to have just stopped brushing my hair, day to day I don't do a lot with it apart from pop it up in a bun to workout in. Granted by not brushing it a lot it's in great condition but I still resemble a birds nest 80% of the time.
  • Picking spots: The worst one of all. Even though I know by picking at them I'm ultimately making them 5 times worse. Although I never do this with really cystic spots when it comes to white heads I really just can't help myself. 
  • Not trying anything new: I'm a real creature of habit, once I find something that works and works well no matter what I don't tend to stray away from it. I never venture out of my comfort zone with eye shadow and I'm far too much of a scaredy cat to ever try a bronzer again. Even when I do feel like treating myself to a new lipstick I always gravitate towards the dusky pinks even though I already own enough to keep me going for years. 
  • Pushing the boundaries of hair washing: Again this is something that I never used to do, I was that girl who washed her hair every single day. Now I push it to 5 days before it even enters my mind to wash it, considering I exercise nearly every day this is a little bit gross but I've found with a good shampoo my hair fairs better the less I wash it. So hygienically a little disgusting but otherwise it's great for my tresses. 
  • Not using products to the very end: My dressing table is full of products that have about one use left because I invent situations in my head in which I might need that very product. Considering I'm trying to stream line my beauty stash this is a habit I definitely need to break. 
  • My phobia of flossing: I do try and floss on a weekly basis but honestly I hate it. Although since I discovered those handy little swords it isn't a task I dread as much but if I think about it too much I scare myself out of doing it. 
  • Biting the skin around my nails: This is my number one sign that I'm stressed, worried or nervous about something, I make a real mess of my hands by doing it. I've got a lot better in the past few months but it's still something I have to stop completely. 

What are the beauty habits you can't break?
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