Hype I'm Glad I Gave Into

Hype is something I really try hard to ignore, I can read 40 features about one product in the space of a few days saying it is the most amazing product in the world and then I will never see anything about it again. So I'm always a skeptical Sally but there are a few products that I'm so glad that I picked up and without the hype I probably would have never known about the wonder of them.

The Liz Earle C&P is a cult product around the beauty community and the first ever 'real' cleanser I bought. I remember popping into my local John Lewis and picking up the whole starter kit and I've purchased so many bottles of it since then. It's just an excellent cleanser, it cleanses the face (duh) without being too drying or stripping and removes any make up that might be still hanging around. Another cult product is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, there is a good reason this is a make up artists favourite. This is my do it all balm, it has so many uses that I've lost count and it is something I'll always have a tube hanging around. Personally I really like the scent of this but I know many don't so you can get an scent free version.

For months I read about La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and it sounded exactly what my skin needed, although a lot of people seem to use this as a direct spot treatment which in the UK isn't the version that is sold it's a corrective and unclogging treatment. This combined with exfoliating toners and are the two biggest skincare products that have made an un-deniable difference in my skin. I'm now on my 9th tube of the stuff and I would be seriously lost without it. YSL is everything that a luxe brand should be, although I've not got on amazingly well with their lipsticks in the past their base and eye products are a different story. Applying the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation is like brushing on liquid light that offers a dreamy amount of coverage and has the capabilities to be build up as much as you need. The YSL Babydoll mascara is the best mascara I've ever used to date, it has it's downsides I admit like drying out quickly and the price but it gives my lashes such beautiful length and volume.

I treated myself to the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation for my graduation as I had read so much online about it that it sounded perfect for the occasion. My most full coverage base but it never makes my skin look really caky or masked out which is something that can easily happen with high coverage bases. It wears beautifully on my skin and lasts so long in the summer months when most bases fall of my face, pricy but so worth it. I never thought I would have such a soft spot for a nail polish as I do with Essie, when I started blogging it was all about Mint Candy Apple (not a favourite of mine personally). I just can't deny the formulation and with the wide brush they are a dream to apply even if you aren't the most steady handed person. MAC are a brand that apart from Urban Decay absolutely dominate the eyeshadow world, as I'm not too much of eyeshadow wearer I never quite saw the need to spend that much. My MAC quad is one my most used beauty items and even though £10 for one single eyeshadow is a little step they are completely worth every penny. Finally Nars, my one and only item from the brand is the blush in Douceur, I've spoken about this so much lately so I will spare you the usual spiel.

What hype are you glad that you gave into? 
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