9 Little Reviews

There are quite a few products in my stocks that just don't really get much love on this corner of the internet and every 6 months or so I gather together everything together into one post to form mini reviews. So here are some items that I've been giving a go recently:

Garnier Ultimate Blends Silky Dry Shampoo: After my Batiste bit the dust I fancied trying something new so when wandering the isles of Boots I spotted the Garnier Ultimate Blends Silky Dry Shampoo and with the key word being 'silky' it sounded promising. I love the vanilla scent, anything that can make my hair smell vaguely cake like is always good in my books but sadly the product inside does it fall a little flat. I find myself needing a hell of a lot of product to make my hair feel remotely clean although I will give it credit that it doesn't leave a white cast in my hair. It's not a terrible dry shampoo but I need something with a little more umph.

Lani Tropical Hair Treatment*: A hair treatment that promises to turn beach babe hair into silky nourished tresses and it really does do just that. You only need to work a small amount into dry hair and leave for half an hour to really notice a difference in your locks and the bonus is that it makes you smell like a coconut ring. If you really suffer with dry and damaged hair then this would be something to try and it's a lot easier to use than a lot of deep hair treatments. 

Nails Inc Nail Polish in George Street: A brand that I've always quite liked is Nails Inc but I do think their polishes are pretty pricy. I spotted George Street in TK Maxx for only £4 and I thought it looked like the perfect nude for the colder months. This is an absolute pain for apply and takes a good few coats to get an opaque finish and I found it has chipped within a day so not exactly worth all the time spent applying it. The shade however just does sit well on my skin tone, it makes my hands look really unhealthy and just not very pretty. Such a shame as it looked so lovely in the bottle but boy am I glad I did not spend over £10 on it.

Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion*: I've been able to try a lot of wonderful items from the Claudia Louch range and this cleanser is no exception. It smells absolutely divine for a start which is something I always love in my cleansers as it just makes the experience just that much more enjoyable. I've really enjoyed using this in the morning as it's nourishing to the skin as well as refreshing leaving my skin completely prepped for the next steps in my routine. 

Clinique Chubby Cheek Stick in Plumped Up Peony: These stick blushers seem to be all the rage at the moment with many brands releasing them but I really love this release from Clinique. The shade Plumped Up Peony is perfect for A/W as it's a beautiful berry shade and the formulation is spot on. I love that it's a creamy formulation but in stick form as it makes it incredibly easy to dab on the cheeks and blend out but it never disturbs the product underneath. 

Clinique Baby Tint Lip Balm in Coming Up Rosy: A very sheer moisturising lip colour that looks really pretty on the lips but I'm not sure if they are quite worth the price when there are so many alternatives out there. If I were to go for a high end tinted lip balm it probably would be the Clarins Lip Crayons. 

Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Cleanser*: The mask from this line is something that I absolutely adore and use on a regular basis so I was excited to try the additions to it. In general I love the majority of the Origins skincare line but I never seem to completely love their cleansers, I just don't think that they are the brands strong point. This cleanser left me feeling the exact same way, whilst it's not a bad item at all it just left me feeling underwhelmed. Something that irks me about all Origins cleansers is that you can't use them on your eyes at all which is something I really look for in my cleansers. 

Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Serum*: Again I was super excited to try this but I just felt pretty underwhelmed by it. It hasn't helped the redness in my skin at all and in fact is just made it a little congested especially around my nose which is something that I try to avoid at all costs. As this line is quite pricy I would probably invest in something else from the brand as they have plenty of brilliant products I just don't think these are them.

What have you been trying out recently?
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