Cleansing Balms for Every Budget

I was afraid of using a cleansing balm for a very long time. They just didn't seem like they would work for my skin at all and the thought of smearing something oily all over my oily skin just seemed like it would end in disaster aka a huge breakout. After biting the bullet and testing some out I've learnt that there is something so luxurious about a cleansing balm that it has completely changed the way I look at the process of cleansing and they really can work on oily skin too. I've gathered together my favourite cleansing balms and there is one to suit every budget. 

The budget buy: The Body Shop Camomille Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, the product that really kick started my love for any skincare item consisting of the dreamy ingredient. Although this isn't the most luxe consistency out of three, it kind of feels like you're rubbing lard on your face it does a great job at not only removing make up but cleanses the skin beautifully. It's incredibly nourishing yet it feels reasonably light on the skin which I've found to be a rare characteristic of a cleansing balm. Another budget buy the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Balm, I personally was too sensitive to some ingredients in this this contains but used it enough to know it does remove make up and cleanses the skin thoroughly. 

The middle ground: Jen passed the REN Rose Centifolia No1 Purity Cleansing Balm down to me a few weeks ago and it's all I've used since for my evening cleanse. I can't say I love the tube packaging as it's makes it pretty hard to dispense the product as the balm itself is quite stiff in consistency. However once you get it out of the tube it's beautiful to apply, it instantly turns into an oil that breaks down eye make up like a dream. My skin is left incredibly soft after using this and you only need to use a tiny amount. 

The luxe purchase: The Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm* is everything I expected from a cleansing balm and more. It feels so luxurious upon application that you could easily give yourself a facial massage whilst you're applying it. Even though it has a thick consistency it doesn't aggravate or leave an oily residue on my skin which I've found with some heavier cleansing options. This is a pricy cleanser but a beautiful luxe offering that leaves my skin baby soft which is something we could probably all do with when winter comes around. 

Are you a fan of cleansing balms?
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