3 Items For Tired Eyes

I think something we could all probably do with, is more sleep, my sleep habits are much better than they used to be but there are still some days when I need a little bit of help. My eyes are the first place to show how much or how little sleep I've had the night before so there are three products that I always turn to when my peepers are in need of a little TLC. 

Liz Earle Eye Bright*: Whatever eye complaint I've got this is what I reach for, it really helps to soothe anything. Whether you've been crying, got allergies or just need some help in a morning this has got you covered. Two cotton rounds of this pressed gently against my eyes takes down any redness and puffiness, it's even more effective if kept in the fridge. 

Origins No Puffery Eye Mask: Let's be honest here in a morning when you're getting ready for work you don't have the to time to faff around with an eye mask on do you? The great thing about this is that you can leave it on all day and wear makeup over the top of it. This isn't going to make your eye bags magically disappear, but it really does help to take the 'I've got another pair of eyes' look right down. 

Organic Surge Hydrating Eye Cream*: For a while I've been on the fence about eye cream and if they did actually do anything but I suffer from quite dry eyes and this cream from Organic Surge has been working a treat. There is nothing worse than looking tired than looking exhausted with the addition of flaky eyelids. Adding in a big hit of hydration for tired eyes can make things look a lot better in a matter of minutes. You only need to use a tiny amount to see (there had to be an eye pun in here somewhere) the benefits of this. 

What are your favourite products to use when your eyes are in need?

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Rebecca Warriner