A Minimal Make Up Look That Works Every Time

I love wearing makeup, the ritual of applying my best products sat in front of my dresser is one of my favourite things to do. Those occasions are pretty rare now as most days I don't wear anything or I will wear something that is fuss free and easy to apply. I've got myself quite a nice minimal makeup routine going at the moment that just works every time I apply it, no matter what condition my skin is in, it just works. 

Base: Even though I love primers if I don't really need one then I won't apply it and just go straight in with concealer. To keep things quick I use the 17 Stay Time Concealer under my eyes and on any redness or blemishes, I might have. I've gone through so many tubes of this because for the price I don't think it can be beaten, it's full coverage without being drying and it never gathers or creases. For base, I reach for the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation and this is such a forgiving base, it's like buffing in a good nights sleep. A silky light consistency that can be built up to whatever kind of coverage you need. To finish, I go for my old trusty friend MAC MSF Natural, a great powder that keeps skin looking fresh and setting everything into place. 

Cheeks: Sometimes my skin can look terribly drab and dehydrated so a powder blush whilst long lasting aren't the most brightening option in my arsenal. A cream blush however is perfect because it helps to boost radiance and brings a lot of life to my cheeks. The Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium is one of my all time favourite pink shades, it's super flattering on pale skin. The consistency of these blushes makes them so easy to apply and you only need a small amount to achieve a healthy glow. 

Eyes: An all over wash of a shimmery neutral shade and lashings of mascara isn't that far away from that I wear most days, but it's a fail-safe look that just works. MACS Shroom Eyeshadow is an easy shade to sweep all over the lid, it can be also used in the inner corner as a highlight or even as a cheek highlight so is great for multitasking. The Clarins Truly Waterproof mascara* is something that I've been using every time I've worn makeup as it's dried out a little and it's great at holding a curl and providing volume without being clumpy. 

What products do you use for a minimal makeup look?
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